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Sneaking alcohol into a concert?

Discussion in 'General' started by suburbantoker, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. I'm seeing a concert this weekend and was wondering what would be the best way to sneak alcohol in (I'm not 21).
  2. in your stomache.
  3. If it is clear, then put it in water bottles... If you think they might check it then stick it in your pant legs if they don't pat you down before you enter.
  4. Maybe vodka in a waterbottle? Im not to sure how far they go in checking for alcohol, but that seems like it would work.
  5. No off ground liquids.
  6. like D said
  7. Usually concerts don't let you bring water bottles unless it's an outdoor venue. And even then the bottles almost always have to be factory sealed for security to let you bring them in (at least all the conccerts I've been to, been to quite a few). Personally, I don't think I'd want to be drunk at a concert. Why not just bring joints? I mean, if you're dead set on bringing alcohol, maybe buy a bottle of water there, empty it (or drink it :p), then have a few people buy you drinks and pour them in the water bottle??? That's all I can think of. Good luck though. What concert are you going to btw? :D
  8. If I said Hannah Montana, would people here kill me? :smoke:
  9. Shit haha. Now I can understand why you wanna be drunk because I think that would kill pretty much any high.
  10. If you don't think they're going to search you, then stick it in a flask in your pocket. Otherwise, I think you might be screwed.
  11. I got thrown out of a concert for being under aged and the security guy just saw me touch a cup, but he decided I was being drunk in public, and told me to go home.

    So yea, chug it before you get there ;)
  12. crotch a flask.. i used to steal fifths of liquor like that and a flask is much smaller
  13. hannah montana? yeah take plenty of booze that shit is a totall high killer lol

    taking your sister?
  14. Take a syringe and inject it in an orange

  15. I doubt they allow outside food, but that is a priceless idea. :p

  16. I'm taking my girlfriend and her sister.
  17. Ouch. Good luck with that, buddy!

    I've been to my share of metal concerts, and we are typically searched tooth and nail, but I can't imagine that a Hannah Montana show will have a cracked security unit on scene to check for handguns.

    ...Then again...

  18. Buy a fifth and duct tape it to the small of your back. They're only gonna check your pockets and maybe pat your arms and legs down for weapons.
  19. I'd sell those 3 tickets, make 3 grand (before you shoot me down check ebay), buy 50 white ladys, 10 tabs, 2 o's of some sticky and have a nice time with the girl and her sister..
  20. get quality extra strenth zipper freezer bags. fill with booze (overproof works best). and tape open side closed. when you get in buy sodas and spike.

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