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sneaking a weed edible into a concert at Citi Field in New York City

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by tblazer100, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. Hey guys,
    I'm trying to make plans with a friend to see a concert at Citi Field (also home of the ny mets) and I was wondering how easy or bad of an idea it would be to sneak an edible in? I probably can't fit my vape discreetly and I'm afraid of bringing in a joint (unless anyone has experience with this?) We will probably be sitting closer to the top or the middle rows of the seating. I want to enjoy the concert high if I can and was wondering how hard security goes at this venue for concerts, if anyone has been to Citi Field for a concert. I was thinking of sneaking a cookie in my wallet but I'm not sure if they're gonna have me take out my wallet like they do in an airport.
  2. Just put it in something and carry it in if it's allowed. Or eat it right before you go in? For a vape just put it on the side of your shoe. Same thing with a joint.
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  3. I could eat it right before I go in also ur right just want the high to stay throughout when my favorite artists come on
  4. Used to go to the masquerade and smoke right in front of the stage. People would get busted in the bathroom... just be sneaky. Don't smoke too much at once. Take the edible before and walk in with that bitch in your pocket like a boss
  5. You better eat that "edible" before you leave to go to the concert if you want to feel anything from it. Actually, they don't give you the same sensation you get from smoking pot. It's more of a body relaxation kinda thing. I've tried quite a few different things and none have ever buzzed me and I had to eat a lot to feel anything at all. But I'm an every day smoker and my tolerance is going to be higher than the average bear. Just don't think it's gonna be like smoking a joint though. Big difference in the effect for me. TWW
  6. We used to sneak bongs into concerts. Way back when. I think you could bring a brownie in.
  7. my idea for a joint was to put a joint in this ecig case (posted on the bottom) I'm debating whether or not I wanna put this on the padding on the bottom of my shoe or in between my boxers and belt in front of my crotch(can't decide if it would be better vertical or horizontal) might be thinking too much into it. I assume I could do my wallet also but not sure. I'm gonna have to observe how other people are getting checked when they go in.

    I hope whatever seats I get will be in the middle of the crowd and that I can finish it in time. It's a concert with wu-tang clan machine gun Kelly and other artists so I'd imagine others would be lighting up also.


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  8. also especially after the Arianna Grande incident and other tragic shit that has happened I'm worried how security would be with checking people

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  9. Eat it before you go in because it will take a little while to kick in. Also if you haven't tried this particular edible before, i suggest trying it before you go to the concert to see how you feel on it. I get really high that i cant stand up on some edibles, some i am super paranoid.

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  10. I might still do an edible just don't know if my friend will want to

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