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Discussion in 'Fashion & Lifestyle Trends' started by I~Rok~Donks, May 21, 2010.

  1. I think I'll wear my Nikes tomorrow




    to lazy for more, i have supras and nikes too
  2. These are my favorites. :love:
  3. Trying to buy these
  4. My Palladium Boots arrived today.

  5. def see alot of things id rock in this thread

    i wear mostly dunks,chucks, and vans

    not really a hardcore collector just look around and if i see something i like and can afford i cop it
  6. Where can one find those hemp ones?
  7. [​IMG]

    Just bought them
  8. I find shoes are the most difficult thing to wear.

    I could wear any pants, any shirts, and I wouldn't feel much different.

    But shoes?

    Well... it has to be the right pair... I can't just wear ANY shoes.

    And I only wear ONE pair at a time... until they become too old and worn out.

    I just got a new pair of shoes. They looked so much better on the shelf, but on my feet, they look terrible. However, all new shoes look terrible coz they're so new... there's not a a speck of dust on it, and the shoe laces are so fucking WHITE.

    I'm hoping after a few weeks, these new pair of Converse will get dirty and become something nice...

  9. I went to NY 2 days ago and got these..


  10. go to the city and go to flight club,

    im actually heading up there in 2 weeks for my first pair of dunks as long as i got cash haha, no pics yet cause im broke but i got a list of prob 15 shoes mostly dunks and a few pairs of airmax and jordans

    my boy is a big sneakerhead when im up there for the city trip ill snag some shots of his collection
  11. Here my sneakers I have been rocking for about 2 years straight.

  12. if your near the nyc are flight club is a must or Daves meat market. any sneaker you want they def got it!
  13. if you own or want a pair of fusions you are in no way shape or form a sneakerhead.
  14. Was wearing these all day:
    Nike SB Un-futuras

    Just got back from coppin these :D:devious:

  15. I concur
  16. I'm not saying I want a pair of fusions at all, but this has potential.

  17. BOO! Don't buy fusions ha they are just regular ass sneakers as far as i'm concerned. But trying to cop some concrete/black/white Jordan 3's is like finding Atlantis :devious:, better have some deep pockets too :D:rolleyes:.
  18. Troof, but they are some good fillers I guess. They deff wouldnt be my daily drivers at all (If I even bothered buying em)

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