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Discussion in 'Fashion & Lifestyle Trends' started by I~Rok~Donks, May 21, 2010.

  1. I've been in the market for a new pair of Mountaineering Boots since I'm probably going to be doing a lot of 14ers this year, maybe Mt. Rainier next year. I'm thinking Asolo's... maybe Merrell.

    These are basically the equivalent of my every-day sneakers, as I never really buy, or wear for that matter, traditional shoes.

  2. just bought these in the upper left

  3. i find it silly to obsess over feet apparel
  4. Appreciating and obsessing are two different things, but thanks for your input...

    Cool kicks foxie are they comfortable...??
  5. I've always wanted some Dino Jrs..

    what are the shoes on the top left (black,white,and red hi tops)?

  6. Yeah i love the dino's.

    top left is Puma hooper mids...just picked those up the other day from Dr. Jays in nyc, only $50.
  7. Thats a nice deal...

    I just saw you are from NJ, my sis goes to Kean University, i've been up there about three times any shops i should lookout for..? I'm always up to add to my collection..

    Or do I just go to NY..?
  8. hmmm...the union and surrounding area does have a lot of urban culture, so I would imagine that there are shops that have nice kicks around there, but i really don't know. I usually just take the train into the city, if you look around you can find great deals on great sneakers.

    I believe nyc is less than an hour away from kean, so I would definitely recommend going out there one day.

    Dr. Jays is right near penn station. Starting at penn station just walk to chinatown, and soho is on the way. Soho has a lot of nice stores, and china town has some decent stores as well.

    I am going to do some research on some unknown(or at least ones i don't know)
    stores around manhattan, because I've been wanting to go to some new places. I'll keep you updated with what I come across. :wave:
  9. mad fakes in NYC :p
  10. Yea I've been to Soho and chinatown a couple of times...

    I'm gonna check out the Union area next time i go there..

    @Waui you know it, you have to analyze any and everything..

  11. If you go to a real store, you aren't going to get any fakes. There are fakes around though, but as long as you have a general knowledge of sneakers, it is easy to tell.
  12. I like the really basic Sbs.
    I have some sb bruins:

    But I wanna get all of these:
    Sb Skunk

    SB giants


    and the 5 boroughs pack looked pretty baller

    And these are like iron mans shoes
  13. What are these, I want them.
  14. They are the SB Crimson Lows and the SB Pony Mids. :)
  15. couple of pairs of my Dunks.

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  16. Man, I used to own like 12 pairs at one point but they all got ruined.

    I've been rocking these for a few months now..

    These were my favorite.

    Need to get some new shoes though..
  17. How much did you drop on the Dino's? I've always wanted a legit pair.
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