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Discussion in 'Fashion & Lifestyle Trends' started by I~Rok~Donks, May 21, 2010.

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    Who's signature shoe was it?
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    I have had a passion for shoes since I was in 5th grade (1992). I remember BEGGING my parents for the reebok pumps and the nike flights with the airpockets, back in the day.

    I really do love cool shoes.

    I just cant see the appeal for those shoes.

    They dont go with anything...
  3. Penny Hardaway!
  4. This is what I just got. Nike flights 2 pair. I <3 then

  5. The ones on the left remind me of my first pair of flights.
  6. Just copped a pair of custom nike dunk low (nfl series) only $150 shipped. Da bears. And another pair of dc graffix. Custom colors also.

  7. Pics or I dont believe u.

  8. Nike says 25-30 days before their shipped. Kinda shitty but whatever. And the dc's arnt the graffix there raif


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  9. I never understood why people waste so much money on Jordan's.
  10. I have never paid over 140 for Jordans.

    Got some cool pairs too.
  11. Most people i know buy retros because they couldn't get them as a kid. When you are paying for nostalgia, then the price doesn't really matter. I remember so many things about MJ playing and each shoe has it's own story, so buying these retros is kind of like reminiscing i guess.
  12. I cried a little
  13. ^ The nostalgia is the exact reason i buy Jordans, when I was a little kid my mom raised me in a single parent household so something that pricey was not an option, but all my older friends or the kids in school with money rocked the different styles, now that I'm older and have a good paying job I can snag a re-release when it comes out if they're a pair i always wanted. I just don't buy Jordans though because they're Jordans, because some of his stuff is atrocious looking, at least to me anyways:)
  14. found this thread from GFyellowthunder + rep!

    favourite thing right now
  15. ForumRunner_20130215_171719.png


    Got these on Wednesday crimson 3



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  16. [​IMG]

    Thinking about these.
  17. How is the quality and comfort of the Nike Air Foamposites?
    The shoes I have on now are getting worn out and I was seriously looking at getting the Stealth Foamposites. I think the Galaxy themed ones are corny but the Stealth is sick. I love black/grey color schemes or pure white, but I think that the all white Foamposites would be an absolute bitch to keep clean. I had a pair of all white Nike hightops (Airs or one of the classics) a while ago. They looked stunning when they were clean, but got soo dirty soo fast.

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