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Discussion in 'Fashion & Lifestyle Trends' started by I~Rok~Donks, May 21, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]
    i've also got a pair of these but they don't look nearly as nice. mine are torn and faded but they're still truckin':D
  2. I'm kinda a jordanhead, got 60 pairs of em last time I counted. I prob have like ten pairs of forces and dunks on top of that
  3. nice post some pics...
  4. fuck yes.

    I got about 5 different pairs of AF1's. Add in some Dunks, Supras, and various other Nikes, and thats my closet.

    I need to get some Vans tho.

    Somethin like these:

  5. some random dunks..

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    I've fucked my feet for fashon for years, done with that. I try to go barefoot where possible, and I'm picking up wide, cheap shoes for when I can't in the near future. Shoes of the type I'm seeing in this thread are AWFUL for your feet. Well most of them, there's a few people with just the kind of thing I'm looking to move to.

    As far as boots go, just got a pair of high top, lined, gortex/waterproof, steeltoe redwings. Quality boots to last through multipule soles, made in the US. Beats nike any day.
  7. I very rarely buy shoes, and when I do, they're typically oriented for function over fashion. I'm not against it, but if you had an idea of what I put my shoes through you would know that there is no way I could ever keep a pair in good condition


    Salomon Exit Aeros - my current every-day pair. I also use them for hikes, climbs, and trail-runs on days that it isn't raining very hard, as the mesh used for breathability (which works very well for its intended purpose, mind you) throws waterproofing completely out the window.


    And these are my current duty boots, which are beaten to absolute shit. I chose this particular style because I like my boots a little higher than average, and they have absolutely amazing traction. I may have to pick up another pair before the summer is out, because as far as 'presentability' goes, the ones I have are not making the cut.


    I really, really want to get a pair of FiveFinger KSO's before the end of this month. They look amazing, and I would probably carry them with me while backpacking, due to their non-existant weight.

  8. those supra x timberlands are tight.
  9. They look even better in person and I love 'em to death. They are my "daily drivers" if you will. :D
  10. [​IMG]
    never get old
  11. Adam Bomb

    you got some sick taste maaaan
    killa shoes

    Supra X Timberland Skytop where can i get it
  12. [​IMG]
    had lots of madd compliments && disbelief faces with my pair.

  13. I have these!!!! They're sweeeeet I love wearing cute socks with them and it's cool because I can match them to any outfit :-D
  14. I gots....


    lots more..too high/ lazy to post now
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    my last shoe purchase

    i like it simple.
  16. i used to be a sneakerhead, and nike sb's and jordans were my life, until i decided to spend those hundreds of dollars on weed instead of shoes
  17. ill post some later, this bruh's shoe game is crazy
  18. got these last week..

  19. [​IMG]
    Tsinelas FTW. :smoke:
  20. lol...

    i got ugly toes..

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