sneak-a-vape vs generic brand vape

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by smokers, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. So i'm interested in buying a sneak-a-vape. I looked at the sneak-a-vape and it is $45... not too bad but I also went on ioffer. they have the same style vapes (almost identical) for $17 dollars!


    I am wondering if the generic sneak a vape would have the same effectiveness as the brand name vape. I know I will not get the same build quality and it might not last a long time, but do you guys think I can expect the same effectiveness out of the cheaper clone in terms of high?
  2. Nope, but unfortunately you won't even out of the sneak a vape. They're all awful vapes that don't work right at all. I've "tried" the sneak a vape and its a joke, it won't actually vape, just torch the hell out of your herb.

    The cheapest functioning options are the vapor genie and mflb (50 and 75 respectively).
  3. damn dude, where can i find a mflb for $75?
  4. [quote name='"CheeseVendor"']damn dude, where can i find a mflb for $75?[/quote]

    There's a few on ebay for 70-80, I'm on my phone or Id link it.

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