Sndpaper on your eyes

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by hippie john, Jul 19, 2003.



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  1. have you ever been stoned and felt like the underside of your eye lids felt like sandpaper?
  2. nope, but I think my little brother did the first time he got stoned.
  3. just weed, but when your tolerance is low, and you smoke a full large bowl of good shit, anything can happen;)
  4. Nope, but if I start feeling that I'll be annoyed, I'll know where it came from :D
  5. this morning i looked and there was sand in my eyes, i mean alot of sand, like 1/2 tbs.:(
  6. and the wierd thing is it was like 3 days later:S/

  7. take a shower after commin home from the beach.....but seriously... that can't be
  8. sounds kinda like flash burn, but weed never made my eyes feel bad,

    just funny
  9. it was probally just the smoke irritating your eyes, it happenes to my friend alot

  10. there are many things that cause this.

    the main one i know of, is if you stare at a welding light for a while, the next day you'll feel it.
    so... maybe the way weed effects the blood vessels in your eyes mightmake them sensitive to light in this way too... or something... idk... i'm no doctor.
  11. Weld burns frickin horrible! The only other time I've had that sand paper feeling is when I stayed awake for nearly 52hours then got woken up after half an hours sleep. I cried.
  12. The old eyes do burn a bit when baked, but not quite like having sandpaper on the lids. Ouch!

    Funnily enough, I've been sanding the facings on my house in preperation for painting. Amazing, huh?
  13. uh. no, i wanna try some of wutever you are smoking!
  14. Never felt like sandpaper, but my eyes get really puffy the morning after I toke...Hippie John, maybe the sandpaper feeling is like cottonmouth for your eyelids?
  15. i you mean like actual sand, and a lot, i thought you meant they just iched, mabey try some visene, sorry, i didnt read the thread, might have re posted something, but i have to go like now, c yall later!

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