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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by sektr, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. #1 sektr, Jan 2, 2013
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    Ok so I've been smoking pretty much strictly snaps when I smoke glass for a few months now, but I never really got taught how to do it "properly".

    I've been packing about .1 per snap, loosely packed (just push it around so the weed is level), in a 14" straight tube, then slowly brewing it til it burns all the way through.

    However, I recently read somewhere that you're supposed to pull relatively hard when snapping even if you aren't pulling through (which I'm not), and I'm wondering if that's true.

    What's the "proper" technique for smoking snaps? Do you pull lightly until it's cherried then start pulling harder (not clearing hard but enough to get more holes firing) so it burns faster to cash the bowl THEN clear? Or am I doing fine? Should I pack the bowls down so the weed is more condensed, or leave it loosely packed?

    EDIT: I ask cause I lot of people say like .2-.4 is a snap for them on average, but the way I smoke a .1 bowl it's like at least a 5-8 second milk before I'm clearing and even then I don't always fully finish the bowl... I have a ton more lung capacity but at least in my piece it gets harsh by that point.
  2. as long as you get high I don't think it matters. just take your hits and don't worry about your technique :)
  3. Doesn't matter, just milk it until the weed is ash.
  4. snaps are just smoking all the weed in the bowl in one hit.

    "Snap" comes from the sound when the last bit of ash is sucked through the bowl.
  5. I know all that, but I was wondering how most people smoke them normally or if there was an accepted proper way, guess not though cheers!
  6. I just slowly pull until its full of smoke and I'm about lung capacity then suck in as hard as a I can for as long as I can to clear it and pull the bud through as long as I know I finished the bowl
  7. Personal taste. I only take snaps and I pull hard because I like concentrated smoke rather than super milky
  8. When i'm packing a bong snap I usually just pack what I think I can handle or just about enough milk the bong completely (depending on the size of the bong obviously, one of my friend's bong's can cash a .5 in one hit easily). How hard you pull really doesn't matter so long as it's all burned by the time your at max lung capacity. Personally I pull it slow enough that the flame cherries all the weed, yet strong enough that it burns through with some long space left to clear it.

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