Snapped new stem while mainlining!

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  1. After cutting back to the 3rd node, I attempted to 'pin' the new stems down but broke one of them almost clean off. I duct taped it up and stabilised it with a modded paper clip.

    What I noticed was that the left part of the stem (that didn't break) seemed to be delivering nutrients to the left hand side but the right hand side has been droopy (but alive).

    I would wait for it to heal but then something strange happened, it started to grow a new 'stem' from the back so I have a node with a triple stem (pics included).

    The new one has now caught up with the one that was droopy but they're still underdeveloped compared to the left hand side (the side the broken stem stayed attached to).

    What should I do in a situation like this? Take one of the stems off and hop? Or just abandon the mainline now that it has possibly mutated, would it give me problems? I'd like to keep going but this is something to reach out to the community about, especially since its my first grow.

    What do you all think?[​IMG]

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  2. It will be weak, so remember it.
    I just broke a limb like that and it cost me over 1/4 lb. I'm 3 weeks from cut.
    This limb was broken when it was young.
    So if you let it grow, remember this thread
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