Snapped my tap root completly off, is there still a chance? :(

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    I noticed that it was growing off center so i moved it a bit towards the center, when i did that, the whole entire tap root snapped off from the seed. Can more tap roots grow out of that seed???

  2. No.  Not a chance in hell of saving it at this point.
    Might as well germinate another seed.
    It can, but it depends how much is left. It would probably be a struggle in soil, it would need to be kept at the right moisture level. I had a root break off in the past and the stem rooted after about a week. That was in hydro though and its a lot easier to give the plant perfect environment.
    To be safe I'd start a new seed 
  4. The only way I could see this happening is if you domed it with a plastic cup and kept humidity high. If you don't have the cotyledon yet it would be difficult to add phytohormones via a tea foliar application.

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