Snapped A Couple Branches...

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  1. Fuck.

    Well, in the middle of a regular feed/watering this morning, I was unzipping the tent all the way around and forgot that I had just placed the fan exhaust on the top.

    The styrofoam block (and attached 6" duct opening) fell directly onto one of my 3 girls.

    Below are pictures of the damage. Of course it would snap right at the second topping node, splitting an entire side and crushing a few miscellaneous branches.
    20190607_072445.jpg 20190607_072449.jpg 20190607_072453.jpg

    Anyway, my response (for now) was to grab some twine and bring that split node in, tying them together to near how it was before the accident.
    20190607_073224.jpg 20190607_073242.jpg

    The split is pulled back together now, and from the outside it's hard to tell anything has even happened. It's being held gently but firmly together by twine tied 5-6 inches higher up the break.

    How badly did I just traumatize my plant? The good news is that only one was directly hit. There are a couple more broken stems, but nothing major. The bad news is this literally happened not 30 minutes after I just trimmed 20% of her green mass. I'm thinking the combined stress is going to make itself evident.

    What can I expect going forward?
  2. She should be fine now shes back in place, i usually tape them.
  3. use tape and honey

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  4. It's cool man they love that shit. Lol knuckles here we come.
  5. I don't think you'll have any problems here.
    Seconded on the honey.
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  6. Whenever I've snapped a branch in veg, I used it as an opportunity to get some clones.
  7. I used rooting gel to heal it last time is there anything wrong with doing this?
  8. Are you guys/gals certain on this one?

    I mean, I understand supercropping. I snapped a branch last grow and watched 'er knuckle up real nice. But this is worse. It's a much larger branch, and if you look closely it's almost completely severed. It's only hanging on by the "skin" membrane.

    Waiting to get home tonight to check how 24 hours has treated it.
  9. Bro ive snapped branches to a point its litrerally hanging on by its skin, taped it up and its recovered, she will be fine.
  10. Well ?
    How’d that look after a day?
  11. Literally can't even tell. It's been 30 hours and she looks happy and undusturbed, except for the fact that she has a small loop of twine.

    Huh. That's...amazing.
  12. We told ya resillient little buggers they are.
  13. Try to hang on to that loop as long as you can; don't let it grow into the plant...
  14. I did that, twice. I'd, accidentally, bruised my plants... twice.
    In a panic, I looked around to see what I could use as 'paint'.
    Clonex! ("Can't hurt)
    The absolute WEIRDEST growth came forth. I'll try to find a photo.
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