Snapbacks Hats vs Fitted Caps.

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    Which do you like better and why?
  2. snapbacks. i cant find fitteds that look decent on me.
  3. Fitted hats, hands down. I do not enjoy the look of snapbacks. Everyone is different.
  4. Snapbacks. I own both fitted and snapback hats and i gotta say that the snapback is just an old school classic.
  5. apparently it's whatever the more popular rapper is wearing and rapping about these days.
    i remember growing up and fitted caps barely even were a thing. then all the sudden someone sang/rapped about their fitted cap and they get huge and suddenly if you wore a snap back you're a loser and would be ridiculed.
    now i'm seeing people making fun of people for wearing fitted hats because wiz or some other clown is putting snap backs in his songs
    it's madness
  6. Same here. I prefer a snapback over a fitted anyday.
  7. fitted, but i wanna get a snap back. keep you shit changing you know what im saaaaaayiiin!

  8. im with you bruh.

    fitted all day for me.
  9. Snapbacks.

    Fitted caps are nicer, and they look nicer. But I always have a better fit with a snapback Cap.

    Especially since my hair varies in lengths depending on my mood/year. Sometimes I'll have a shaved head, sometimes a full head of hair. With a fitted cap, at least for me, depending on my haircut depends on how comfortable the hat is. With a shaved head the size might be a little too big for me, with a full head of hair it might be a little too tight for me.
  10. Both? If I find a hat I think looks cool, whether or not its a snap or fitted, I'll buy it.
  11. Tbh I don't wear hats, I just don't like them but when I occasionally do I would wear snapbacks.
  12. lol what do rappers have to do wit hats?
  13. this topic is way too controversial.. maybe even too much for the box.
  14. i like jordan hats. Not snapbacks, not fitted they just stretch. Shit is nice. I don't wear em that often anymore. I used to wear hats all the time when i was a kid, now just whenever my hair looks like a mess.
  15. I like fitted hats more, they look better and are more comfortable.
  16. flair visors.
  17. All these bitches sayin' I brought snapbacks back.

    Retro is good.
  18. I usually wear my cap backwards.. so fitted. I could rock both I guess but i prefer fitted.
  19. Fitted. Fuck snapbacks.
  20. :eek:


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