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Snap, crackle, pop.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Jibs, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. Alright so there's something i've been wondering about. It has nothing to do with rice krispies however.

    Every once in a while i'll pick up some weed that's just kind of bizarre. I mean, it's actual weed, and highgrade at that, but it obviously has something wrong with it. When i light up a bowl, it sizzles loudly and tiny sparks literally jump up from the burning ember. It burns hot and fast, and when the bowl gets fully cherried there is a distinct ammonia taste to the smoke.

    Anybody else ever have this happen? It's really weird shit, i've smoked different batches from different dealers in different states even, but this seems to be independent on the origin of the weed. I think it's caused by rookie growers who don't flush their plants... so there are still fertilizers in the buds, making the weed burn funny and taste bad. But i don't grow so i can't tell for sure.

    Any other hypotheses?
  2. I would agree with the fertilizer hypothosis.
  3. Dude...i think your weed Got some lighter fluid in it....:smoking:
  4. I'm trying to figure this out myself, I had some of this very recently. First time I've ever seen it. Good stuff though; good taste, not very harsh but it gets harsh faster than average. The most interesting part is, there were two batches sold from the same dealer, at the same time. One does it, one does not.
  5. This is normal and happens to me occasionally, I'm assuming it's because the herb might be a little moist.
  6. usually when your bud has seeds in it which it sounds like. it could be if your smoking, mids or regs sumtimes even dank but the seeds when you smoke them on accident of course because you cant find it in the weed it will "SNAP, CRACKLE, AND POP"... but it could be sumthing else...
  7. most kush to me has an ammonia taste. or mr.clean kinda stuff. only time ive had sparks fly at me is if theres a seed in it. but thats not with kush lol
  8. It happens with me only when I'm smoking dank buds...
    I think its because the trikes are burning up really fast and that is why it cherries easily and why it crackles.

    Just my theory.
  9. When I read the sizzling part I figured it might be some resin in your bowl/chamber/whatever, then I read the sparks. Could be the fertilizer or like some other guys said it could be the trikes.
  10. Some dealers will spray a little sugar water on their bud to make it weigh more so they can get more money for their stash. Terribly unhealthy to smoke. Could it be sugar?
  11. thanks for the input everybody. definetely no seeds in the bowls i smoked, but the climate is very dry where i am. it makes sense that somebody might try to moisten up super dry nugs with some sugar water.
  12. it's ferts, not that I have any info on this *cough* but some homegrown I smoked not long ago was not only top quality, but also untouched by foreign liquids/materials after harvest and I know that for a fact, an it crackled and sparked. Wasn't fully flushed, oops
  13. sorry about being a douche but...there are tons of these threads everywere u should search before posting.

    but the answer that most people think is the problem is that the weed is to dry or to cured

  14. pretty weird u should mention this i got some weed just like this about a week was def. some headies and def. no seeds but it just fuckin burned like napalm. I researched it the other day and found that most people come to the conclusion of some type of fertz. another theory that sounded ok was that it was improperly cured and resin glands are put under pressure from the heat and are popping and exploding. but the reason i think its fertz is because the shit gave me headaches and the kid who i got it from smoked a shitload of it and now his throat is seriously fucked up hes been like coughing up blood the past week

    so if i were you i would not smoke anymore

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