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  1. I just got a cute lil' corn snake (pic in spoiler) and need some awesome name suggestions.
    (I don't know if it's male or female) 
    Ones I've been considering:  
    Sativa (Sati for short)
    Indica (Indie for short)
    Cypress (Cypress Hill)
    Acapulco Gold
    Cosmic Charlie (Grateful Dead)

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    i had a snake for a very short period when i was little. a little ball python. his name was 'a pimp named slickback.'
    i like cypress or charlie lol charlie c.
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    Learn how to pop a snake to sex it. There is a small slit on its underside. If you squeeze the sides of the snake, the slit will pop open and reveal a penis or a vag.
    Name it indie.
    I had a corn snake too. They love mice (about once a week). When they shed, they can go up to a month without eating. It's a bit frustrating because the snake will kill the mouse, but wont eat it and you have to clean that up. Also, snakes are nearsighted so it may mistake your finger for food. Be careful.
  4. I have to say, Sati or Cosmic Charlie. Sati because Sati the Snake rolls off the tounge and Cosmic's the Grateful Dead, man.

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