Snake in the garden of ganja.

Discussion in 'General' started by Soulsuit, May 11, 2006.

  1. Here's my little weed gard. I'm going to take him as a good sign. Wish you could keep these guys as pets because I know my daughter would have loved him/her, but alas they tend not to eat in captivity. When I first showed up I could have sworn I heard this faint hiss that sounded like "Smoke the herb, smoke the herb" but this could be wishful thinking...

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  2. dude thats pretty kick ass that you got a snake in your herb garden
  3. Dude I'm pretty sure you can keep snakes as pets, my friend has had one for 5+ years. He just keeps it in a terrarium, like a turtle or something. He keeps it clean, keeps it's water full and clean, and he feeds it frozen dead mice that they sell at the pet store for exactly that purpose: snake food.
  4. You can deff keep snakes as pets. My homie got one. I dont know if it depends on the type or not though. Ive never seen like a gardner snake as a pet.
  5. That is a huge garter (edited for soulsuit) snake. It's gotta be a sign, green snake guarding your greens.
  6. Hell yeah. that snake is a good omen for sure!
  7. Ok, I know you can keep snakes, but some do not respond well to captivity. The Smooth Green Snake(actual name) shown in the pics above is very difficult to keep as they will normally not eat in captivity. I used to have 2 boas from the age of 5 till just a few years ago. When I was about 7 or 8 i used to keep garter (It's garter not gardner) snake all the time, easy to feed cause they like to eat worms. I'd keep em till I caught another I liked then trade'em out. These snakes are rare around here, I've only ever caught one before many years ago. Seeing him tend to my plants made me feel pretty good. Hope he comes back again.
  8. Dude, i think the pot turned him green hahaha, Cheech and Chong - Nice Dreams lol
  9. hehe. nice. protector of the green.
  10. you should have asked him for a free scale.

    oh snap.

  11. zOMGz :eek:
  12. thats totallya sign!!
  13. I would have been worried if I had shown up and there were some rolling papers lying next to him. Or if when I started hitting my pipe I suddenly heard "Hey, hey man, hey, let me get a hit off that pipe."
  14. It's the same colour as your plants! :hello:
  15. i kept a snake like that for a pet for a long time. he was the best!
  16. that is a beautiful snake. where are you from?

    yeah i love snakes. and i love weed. so the first picture is becoming my desktop wallpaper. +rep.

    p.s. garter snakes are black with a yellow stripe going down the back. i used to catch them as a kid all the time. keep them for a day for 2, then let them go.
  17. Those are some really cool pictures, although that snake would scare the crap outta me if i ever saw it in real life. Where are you at that you have such cool wildlife?
  18. Dude that really is awesome. I too would feel it's a sign. But that is all the more reason to keep him free. He brought you some good weed mojo man, now he's off to pass it around. You never know maybe he will like your place and decide to hang. Regardless it's cool as hell! Thanks for sharing those pictures!
  19. Oh, shit, that's amazing! You should feed him so he'll stay around.

    I doubt you'll have any rat problems with that magic snake around! What are you going to name him?

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