Snail Attack !111

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by @WeedPalace, May 27, 2010.

  1. Hey Guys .
    This morning , sunny day and when i look@my plant i saw , that it was eaten by a snail . Any ideas what to do with plant now ?
  2. The plant is still alive so i would remove the snail if it's still there and salt the fuck out of it for revenge. Then put a copper wire ring around the plant becuase snails don't cross copper i heard.
  3. You think my plant will survive ? And yeah snail didnt make it thro the day . I already spread wood ash around my cup so those bastards wont eat it no more , i just wasnt sure about the plant health
  4. that's not too bad i have seen worse seedlings or they even chomp off everything these little nasties. cost me a lot money+time.

    now i pre grow indoors in stealth boxes, and then transfer after the plants have two sets of leaves.

    they seem to prefer the seedlings that just popped out.

    your plants should be fine after a while, it just slows down the growth process. but maybe they will come back especially after rainfall. maybe they are hiding under stones, leaves, nearby, so check.
  5. So should i leave my plant the way it is and hope it will get better ? or should i cut off those 2 eaten leaves ?
  6. don't cut off they are still able to use them. if the plant does not need leaves anymore it will drop them off automatically.
  7. Ok , thanks for replys guys

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