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SMOoVE: Purple Cindy: DWC: 400w Growshow

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by smoove, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. Hi all, and welcome to my first Growshow! :smoke: I'm really lookin' forward to your responses, comments, opinions and insight.

    This is my second time growing and first attempt at keeping an active grow journal, so let's get started. Here's my setup in a nutshell:

    Purple Cindy - Highgrade Seed Co.
    400W Agromax (with built in dome reflector)
    DWC (single res bubbler)
    Rockwool plug & Hydroton in 2.5" netpots

    (Used in various quantities at various growth stages)

    Advanced Nutrients
    : Micro, Bloom, Barricade, Voodoo Juice, Carbo Load, Big Bud (pH up, down)
    : Liquid Karma, CalMag+
    : Fulvic Acid (used as ph down)

    So basically where I'm at now is day 1 of 12/12 switch over from 18/6 (lights went off at 8am this morning) Let me catch you up and walk you through the lasts 3 weeks:

    Feb 03 - Seeds received from Highrade Seed Co.


    Feb 23 - Rockwool soaking in distilled water + Liquid Karma, Voodoo Juice, Barricade, and Carbo load @ PH 5.2 (tds ppm 50)


    Feb 24 - Seeds soaked in pure distilled water for six hours. (all sank)


    Feb 24 - Seeds placed in paper towel inside tupperware...


    Feb 24 - ...then placed in light sealed propogation chamber *aka Nacho's home... lol


    Feb 25 - All six seeds had sprouted by 5:30 pm when I got home from work. I dropped them all into the Rockwool cubes which were now at a PH of 5.6

    Feb 27 - All six had broken the surface, shed their shells, and barely showing the first set of leaves.

    Continued on next post...

  2. So now where was I?

    Oh yea...

    Feb 29 - All good... growin like they should be. Moved them into the netpots with Hydroton.


    Here are a few more solo shots from the same day:




    Okay so from this point there were a couple of setbacks. The plants were about 3" tall when I got my new Cooltube... and while using a wrench to tighten a screw, it slipped out of my hand and crashed down onto the plants. 1 was crushed and killed instantly and another had minor leaf tears on one side of the the first 3-leaf set, it made it fine. So now I'm down to 5 plants.

    The other setback which is minor, as it had no effect on the plants, was I had purchased a UV lamp to supplement my HPS. Well.. when that wrench came down... it took out the ($40) bulb too... ouch! The bummer about that is that I really wanted to get that UV light on them early. Oh well, it'll be here soon (manufacturer is sending a free replacement. woot!) and I'll get started on that.. better late than never.

    I'll continue on the next post with the current state of the grow. There's been a pretty huge difference in the last 2 and a half weeks.

    Continued on next post...
  3. where did you score the purple cindy beans?
  4. Their from High grade seeds.

    Hey man you should move your grow log to the highgrade forums, You'll get a free pack of seeds if you have a grow log of their genetics on their. Plus it's also nice to see some new people join!:D
  5. smoove nice grow so far. from the name it sounds like we got a bay area grower.

    falling equipment happens to the best of us. damn hps killed one of my ladies.
  6. hi dude

    looks like u got the right approach
    ill keep an eye on that
    good luck

    sorry to hear about the death
    i killed a lot of plants too)))
  7. Thanks for checking out my post and for the replies...

    PurpleCheeser: You're absolutely right. I should and I will... Free beans for posting a Growshow? That's a no brainer. Thanks for the reminder ;)

    cman86: Thanks man. Also, as much as I love SF my heart and soul belongs to SD. Southsiiide.

    screwdababylon!: dam man! your setup looks sterile as hell. very clean. I like.

    The death of the baby will not be in vein. I started 6 seeds but I'm really only lookin' for 2 females to flower (or even 1). This closet is pretty small (2' X 3' X 6'tall) I think 2 full grown trained plants will fill about every nook and cranny of space I have in there.

    Actually from the pictures I took over the weekend... I noticed what looked to me like preflowers. With my limited growing experience I could very easily be mistaken. I thought it was odd that a plant so young might be showing it's sex already.

    So here are the most recent pics.

    Feb 16 - Got a bit more bushy in there. Here are all 5 plants

    The closest one on the right is the tallest for now .

    And on the right is the smallest one... it's so dense the nodes are so close together. Also the stem at the base is about 1" thick.

    So 4 of the plants are showing these things here (what I thought might be preflowers) they look about exacly the same on all of them right now. kinda pointy like a female flower but might still be a male? lol I dunno, what do you guys think?



    So there's my update for now. Until next time :smoke:
  8. Hey guys, I have another question for you.

    Looking at the picture below, would you ever consider saying "Yea that leaf looks mostly sativa?"


    I don't consider my hands to be small, and there are many leaves that are just about as wide as my middle finger is long. From my readings and research, I'd assume this plant appears to have mostly indica genetics... super wide leaves and very dense bushy growth, am I crazy to think that?

  9. no it is indica dominant for sure

  10. Pics from a couple nights ago:

    Feb 19: A bit more bushy, a bit more dense.



    Early on, the nodes were practically on top of each other


    Here's a shot under the canopy of the smallest plant (7 inches tall) very branchy... I'm liking this young Purple Cindy very much.


    Hope I can keep things rolling this smooth through to harvest. Thanks for stopping by.

  11. very nice man!
  12. doob3r : That's kinda what I was thinkin too, but he strain description from they seed bank states it's mostly sativa. In an attempt to learn more about this strain (and MJ genetics in general) I did some research to try and figure out exactly what genetic lines she came from. The first few are obvious and all are very well known strains, but I didn't even know for example... where Northern Lights # 5 or Skunk # 1 genetics came from... so this is what I came up with after a couple hours of google surfing.

    Purple Cindy = Oregon Purple Thai X Cinderella 99

    Oregon Purple Thai = Chocolate Thai (landrace) X Highland Oaxaco Gold (landrace)

    Cinderella 99 = Princess X Shiva Skunk (Princess' mother was a Jack Herer and her father is a totally unidentified mystery plant. Princess was considered a "very special" female.)

    Jack Herer = Multiple Haze Hybrid (undisclosed) X Northern Lights #5 X Skunk #1

    Shiva Skunk = Sunk #1 X Northern Lights #5

    Sunk #1 = Columbian Gold X Afghani Hybrid X Mexican Acapulco Gold

    Norther Lights #5 = Afghani Indica Hybrid X Unknown Stabilized Sativa (true NL#5 is clone only. No pure seeds available. Was later crossed with Skunk#1 X Original Haze.

    That's what I was able to dig up. I can't confirm how accurate it is because there was a little bit of conflicting information. I just used what I considered t to be the most legitimate sources. Please correct me if there are any mistakes because I'm very curious to know and would hate to misinform anyone reading this post.

    ...So yea, mostly sativa? I guess it could be... but I agree with you that at this stage it does look mostly indica.

    AugustWest: Thanks for checkin' out my grow and thank you for the kind words! make sure to check back in now and then. ;)
  13. nice grow set-up you got there. healthy plants too..i bet you cant wait for them tomatoes to come in! :p
  14. smashio: darn straight I can't wait! :smoke: mmmm tomatoes.

    Grow Update:

    I noticed the largest plant was showing signs of stress on the new growth tips. They were yellowing so I dumped my res yesterday morning (for the first time.) Did kind of a mini-flush... they were in a 300ppm nutrient solution for 6 hours before I started slowly raising it back up to 600ppm over the next 24 hours. I Also raised the light about 5 inches because I wasn't sure if it was light stress or nutrient burn. Since it was only happening on the tallest plant which was 8" from the light, I'm pretty sure that's why the tips were yellowing. I'll take some pics later tonight when the lights turn back on.

    Question: Could early signs of nute burn show up only on the newest, top most tips of the plant, or does it usually effect the lower and mid level leaves first?

    I've read many "Sick Plant" threads, stickies and guides. They all say yellowing/browning tips are the first tell-tale sign of nute burn. But everything I read says that typically it begins on the lower and mid level leaves. Which is also why I believe this is being caused by the plant's proximity to the light. Any thought's or suggestions before I get the pics posted later on?
  15. lookin good smoove!
    When did you add nutes? Did you notice PH swinging?
    I hope you figure it out as i'm planning my hydro grow and nute burn/issues seem to rank at the top of list for problems!
  16. boochiano: Thanks! I'll break down my feeding schedule as best as I can for you, up to this point. I didn't take any notes or keep any kind of logs (which I believe is a good idea) so it's not exact but I'll clearly state any estimations.

    Germination: First week: Technically I started their nutrient regime the minute they were placed in the Rockwool cubes, which were soaked overnight in an RO water solution consisting of Voodoo Juice, Carbo Load, Barricade and Liquid Karma. The solution PH was set to 5.2, and after a 24 hour soak the Rockwool had raised the PH to 5.6. The solution was very diluted and had a (.7 tds conversion) ppm of 50. This is very low, considering my tap watter runs at around 275ppm. I mixed enough of this solution (1 gallon) that I could keep the Rockwool moist with 2 waterings every day. Until the first set of leaves (single blades) were completely developed, and the second set (3 blades) had started to show (about 2 days after the pictures in my first post.) Up to this point they were in 2.5" netpots sitting in a tupperware

    Seedling: Second week: A couple days before I placed the the netpots into their DWC reservoir, I filled it with RO water and mixed what I'd consider the first feed. 1/2/1 ratio of Micro/Bloom/CalMag+ at a ppm of 150. Voodoo Juice, Carbo Load and Barricade were added to this first mix but had negligible effect on ppms. The netpots were just touching water surface until the all the roots came out the bottom of the pots.

    Vegggin: Third week:When the water level dropped I added back a gallon at a time. The nutrient ratio was now 1/2/1/1 Micro/Bloom/CalMag+/Liquid Karma. Barricade is used throughout the grow with every feed (about .5ml per feed.) The the newly mixed solution has a ppm of around 1200 but when added to the reservoir, the total res ppm raises about 50 points per feeding. At the end of this week the total res ppm was somewhere between 400-450.

    Flower: Fourth week: The day I switched to 12/12 I removed LK from the mix and replaced it with Big Bud. I was running this for 4 days when I first noticed some tips yellowing, so at this point I made the first res-dump, flushed the plants for 6 hours and replaced the res with a 300ppm for almost a day then began raising it back up to where it is now at just below 600ppm.

    PH: Yes PH is a constant battle. I try to balance the PH swings on a daily basis. The lowest I'll let the res go is 5.5 and over a 24 hour period, it will rise up to between 5.9-6.0. If I let it go a couple days (which I've done a few times) they PH will get up to around 6.2. I use Fulvix (3% Fulvic Acid) to drop my PH when needed. I have PH down and will use very small amounts if I need to. Also when I use LK in the mix it seems to buffer the solution a bit more and the swing takes a bit longer.

    As for the tip burn, It's pretty much under control. The damage is done but it's very minor. Hope this answered any of your questions.
  17. nice setup. cant wait 2 see progress when its older man. u said u doing it in a 2 by 3 foot room? and 6 feet high? u plan on making that your perm strain?
  18. i'm growing the same thing, only outdooors... ur plants are hyooooooge compared to mine... good luck!
  19. Thanks fellas.

    bubbakush: Yes the closet is 2' X 3' X 6' tall (give or take a couple inches.) As far as sticking with Purple Cindy for a few more grows... it's a definite possibility. Ideally I'd love to grow out 3 strains with different characteristics; Social, Creative and Couchlock Medicinal. White Widdow gets me pretty amped up and social. I'm hoping PC will be the "Creative" strain and then I still need to find my Medi-bud... Rumple's Master Kush grow has me leaning in that direction.

    ronron1790: Good luck with the outdoor grow. and as far as plant sizes go... I may be winning the battle, but I'm pretty sure you'll win that war.


    These pictures were taken last Saturday night. Basically just some progress shots along with a picture of the yellowing tips I mentioned: Check it out and let me know what you think.

    Wider shot of the closet.


    A couple bush shots.



    Here are the yellow tips. What would you think this is from? ppms were around 600. It's only on the new growth of the tallest plant which was 8" from the light. light burn? nute burn?


    I know
    there isn't going to be too much change until the flowers start showin but I'll be posting more updates later this week regardless. Hope it's not gettin old? :smoke:

  20. hell yeah dude, that looks nice and clean!

    how are you emptying your res.? do you just set them into another rubbermaid while u change nute solution? im thinking of making one and i dont know if i should make it with sub. pumps to empty or if it will harm the roots? also how many gallons is your tub?

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