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  1. So this is a question for people that have tried all these things. Theres so many ways to make bongs smoothe. Theres filters, a rainbow of percs, zongs, helixes, laybacks, and disc bongs. What would you think is the best? if you had to pick a combo please say why. Im just interested

  2. aight listen up Im boutta tell u sumthin that I discovered sum 10 years back. Don' even worry bout the percoladations in yo bong, all u gotta do is right afta a bong hit take a big swig of henney n' yo throat'll feel fresh as can be, ya feel me
  3. I was doin gauntlets last night so yeah I feel you hard af
  4. I like an in line perc with an ice catch filled with reusable freezer balls
  5. Smoothest?    Vaporbonging with very warm water.
  6. [quote name="lwien" post="19405089" timestamp="1390677950"]Smoothest? Vaporbonging with very warm water.[/quote]Hell yes! Vap bong the shit outta it. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  7. It's all preference when it comes down to it. I have a simple mini showerhead perc. Small amount of water, no drag, Super quick clear. Very smooth.

    But vapobonging is definitely the smoothest
  8. You have to hit a bong that looks like this: [​IMG]
    Really though the best thing I've found to ensure a smooth smoking experience is some high quality, very well cured bud.  Precoolers and percs are great but in my experience they aren't always the best for ensuring a nice smoke.  
  9. hahaha yeah that looks like a pretty smoothe piece. and I can put it in my pooper ;)

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