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    I've taken my first clones a couple of weeks ago they've been in a humidity dome for a week and a half and now ive moved em into a box with 24 hours of light while waiting for my grow room to finish flowering my other plants.

    The problem is the first new leafs formed by the clone, they are smooth the top ones seems fine thoo but maybe thats because they havent grow out fully yet.

    The strain is brainstorm from dutch passion they are growing under a 40W energy efficient light. In cactus soil with 15% perlite and they haven't recived nutrient yet.

    Is this something to worry about or will they grow out of it?

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  2. It looks like a disruption in the light regime. These plants are very light sensitive and your's look like it has entered a 'revegging' period.
  3. They will grow out of it when the veg light cycle is 18 hours or more.

  4. cool i'll give em a few hours rest every day now then
  5. You have gotten the wrong idea, they need a constant supply of unchanging hourly light, don't give them change/rest, just leave the light on and leave it alone. The change caused the problem and it will only outgrow the problem if you don't change the light timer again. You might look into photoperiods of marijuana, or 12/12 light cycles in the stickies, it's actually a complex concept and marijuana is dependent on it for normal growth. You will hermie the plant placing extra stress on it not understanding the photoperiod concept.
  6. alright thank you

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