Smooth? (Another self indulgent post by the switch)

Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, Sep 17, 2003.



  1. Sandpaper.

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  2. The King of Smooth.

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  3. Rumjy said must be so!!!

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  1. According to Rumjy I am "King of Smooth." But come on- we all know I am hardly as smooth as a freshly shaved and waxed coochie- more like as smooth as the arse of Brian Blessed.
  2. Well, you know how I voted!

    Cute coochie comparison...yeah, that smooth. :)
  3. Grrr....who voted sandpaper?

    The man is me!
  4. well come on rumjy you voted twice for yours- can't I at least vote once for mine?
  5. I refuse to take part in this poll until I can give a good groping to everyone involved. Come on, hands up, and let me know if it tickles :D
  6. *places hands in air*
  7. Hey...I'm involved...grope me, Krazi!!! :D

    :::: hands up and ready to giggle ::::
  8. :eek:

    i'm not involved.

    *runs from krazi*


  9. I'm winning! YAY!!!!!


    Switchy Boy is Smooth....the King of Smooth!!!!!

    ...wasn't that a pic of King Switch that I saw one day? Very smooth indeed!
  10. AHA!!! I stopped you with my last post, Digi-baby!!!! There's no escaping the madness, now!

    ^the sound of Digit getting sucked back into this thread^

    archchtkrktgc! ya gots me. ok.. so i'm involved.

    but now i'm starting a campaign.... no one except people who will be notified at a later date are allowed to be groping me. .. and i can tell you now... krazi.. sorry buddy... but if you're not on the list, you're not gropining. and you are not on the list, not can i ever forsee you to be. 'tis the way it is... but...... i still say i'm not really involved.... i'm more of a side tangent.. not really involved at all.
  12. ...ahem... I perhaps on that list??? :)


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