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  1. just wanted to post my stash. I have a HVY strait tube, sharpstone grinder, a spoon, chillum and my favorite DA BUDDHA.
    ive been smoking some pressed kief i collected from my grinder for the last week because i havent made a pick up yet plan on getting some tonight though before i go to class.

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  2. BUMP
    come on no love from the city.
  3. I'm loving it man thats some nice glass.. How do you like da buddha and that straight tube? I'd like to get a tube like that how much did u pay and where? What size joint is it also?

    I get my books from chegg also :D

  4. the vape is amazing i would not be able to live without it it conserves so much bud. I got my HVY tube at a lhs it was originally 75 but got it on a sale on black Friday 25% off. its a 18/14 has a real small downstem maybe 2.5 inches below the joint. its real nice for costing me like 50 bucks.
  5. And CHEGG saves me money on my text books to spend on bud
  6. I wish i could find one online like it, i would buy it without a doubt :smoke:

    That's why i order my books from chegg lol
  7. my DBV and bong are getting some love tonight
    picked up an 8th of dank before school now just 1 more hour of history then time to drive home might stop by the lhs to just browse its less than half a mile from my university.
  8. Well its been a while since i posted in here and since then i bought and broke my syn showerhead bubbler seen here.




    kief box



    fun with the broken Bubbler and playdough.


    and my inline Ac with Jhook


  9. Dude that syn bubbler is so sick.. What'd that run you?

  10. it was 220 with a free bowl
    it was amazing im sad its gone
  11. Sad news. What happened to her?
  12. Nice hvy man.
    The bowl is very similair the one that came with my beaker bottom hvy.

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