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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Aug 28, 2002.

  1. I predict Oklahoma to have an up and down football season this year. Yeah Alabama is going to kick their sooner's ass up one side of the field and kick back down the other side! ;)
  2. A = ALL

    L = LOSERS

    A = AND


    A = AND

    M = MORONS


    I've been hesitant to tout the Sooners a whole lot. Actually I'm kind of a closet Okla. State fan, but it's hard to be a cowboy, at least until basketball season.

    But I do like the Sooners a LOT more now than I did back in the Switzer daze!

    So since we need somebody to uphold the state's honor, since we don't have a major league anything or race track that's paved, ..........

    I'll give ya eight points. And the tie.
  3. Aren't ya'll married yet?? Ya act like it!!lol

    I guess Tennesse will show up to the games. Maybe! lol

  4. Hell that got to show up to the games, that's when your boosters and alumni pay the players off.

    But. when you have two of the greatest teams of al times squaring off for the first time in my memory, you got to sling a little pregame shit. It's part of the package.

    AND one last one:

    I knew college football kicked off last weekend because my bosses bookie has been calling here for two days trying to track my boss down. Fucking Florida State Seminoles is what he was muttering monday.

  5. Yea the bookies like it when the games begin!

    I don't follow college football much. I just follow the Titans every now and then!
  6. I hear the Tide had too evacuate Bryant-Denny stadium when they encountered an unknown white powdery substance!

    Turns out it was the goal line!:p

  7. Now thats a good one!!!

    I'm keeping score for ya's

  8. I follow sports very little these days. I realized it wasn't worth getting emotionally beat-up week in and week out because of some kids game on TV. But I do LOVE to aggravate the living shit out of people who live and die with their college football teams. And with Auburn and Alabama fans everywhere it sure is easy to find a victim to tease.

    I used to gamble but quit around ten years ago. First off was the Oakland A's getting beat by the Cinncinati Reds in the world series and then the Buffalo Bills in the Super Bowl convinced me that sports are all fixed and pre-determined.

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