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Smokinokie Hit 1200!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RMJL, Apr 9, 2003.

  1. There's no way you can get away without a 1200 posts thread, Okie!!!

    :::doing the 1200 posts dance for Okie:::

    Critter get in here and do your thing for the Okie Man!!!
  2. woo.

    i'm so excited.

    i must go pee.

    I'll never out talk (or type) that woman!
  3. lol, congrats on the posts
  4. lol congrats

    If i was critter, i'd make some smiley faces and dancing bannanas, but im not, so i'll just keep it plain n simple, lo
  5. Congrats on the posts mannnn.... :smoke:D
  6. I'll never out talk (or type) that woman!
    i believe ya just might have :D
    ill um....i think ill leave the dancin thing alone for now.
    congratulations on every insightful thing youve ever said......Pokie.
  7. Congrads Smokie.. May highya slip so you can catch!

    Just kidding Highya.. or maybe..........
  8. Congrats on the posts :D
  9. congrats man:D
  10. congrats, tis a great feeling when you hit a milestone and people notice
  11. congrats...... hempress u only been here for 3 months... and already 2000 post's ..... damn thats alot..... congrats to u also.... i'll load a bowl for u two...
  12. [​IMG]celebrate good times, come on!

  13. LOL...I don't have 2000 yet! Let's not jump the gun people :D
  14. lol, yea. me n hempy were equal not long ago, then she went on a postin spree and I slowed down a lil :)

  15. It was from my vacation....I hardly posted at all while I was gone, just one or two here and there at BH's house...I had to catch up when I got home :D
  16. Congrats on the posts man!

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