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    Hey Blades...
    I planned on keeping a journal of my current grow on paper but decided to log all the activity here so that it may be shared and discussed with others.

    Here's My Setup:
    36" x 36" x 78" Mylar Lined Tent
    6" Cool Tube Reflector
    400 Watt Hortilux HPS w/ Digital Ballast
    4" Inline Fan 270CFM
    4" Carbon Filter
    6" Clip On Fan
    2 x 3.5 Gallon Black Buckets w/ 6" Net Pot Lids
    4" Big Boy Air Stones
    Active Aqua 7.8 Liter Per Minute Air Pump
    Rockwool /Hydroton Medium
    Lucas Formula w/ GH Flora Series

    Genetics: The Joint Doctor's Diesel Ryder Feminized
    (NYC Diesel x LowRyder #2)

    The seeds cracked (paper towel method) April 23, so two weeks ago today. Tonight I removed them from their humidity dome and put the 1.5" rockwool cubes with my approx 2" seedlings into the bucket DWC's in hydroton.

    I am using the Lucas Formula for feeding; tonight being the first time they have been placed into the DWC, I used half strength 4ml Micro & 8ml Bloom per Gallon.

    Each of the two seedlings had approximately 3 half inch roots sticking out of the bottom of the cubes when I placed them in the hydroton tonight.

    I hope you guys get involved in this journal. Now is a good time for any questions about my setup; since going forward it will be all about the little girls.


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  2. Subscribed. I would like to compare your 400W to my 600W to see how different the plant development will be. Wish you good results!:wave:
    P.S.Post some pictures.
  3. Thanks for subscribing RO76. Once these auto's have started flowering, I'm going to germinate my "Chrystal" White Widow seeds by Nirvana, so that will be my next journal to see how things go in this set up with non ruderalis strains.
  4. Hey guys... nothing new to report with the young ones right now... I am however having a hell of a time getting you guys the pictures so far. For some reason my memory card isn't being detected in my built in reader, and I can't find the USB cable to connect the camera itself.
    If I have to, I'll load the pics onto another computer tomorrow so I can post them.

    I hate this part of the grow... Where I have buried my rockwool cube in the hydroton, but dont yet have roots coming through the bucket-- I find myself watching them and worrying too much!
  5. As long as rock wool and hydroton are moist , roots will pop out with in few days.
  6. I'm also very annoyed at the quality of some of my ducting... I can't lower my light enough, I am going to try to find something to raise up my buckets...

  7. Problem mostly solved (as good as it's gonna get this grow). I placed a large storage tote in the tent and put my buckets on top- reducing the distance from the light by over half.

    BTW- Those of you with tents... If you have never zipped yourself closed inside with your inline fan running on high; you really must try it. Sop much air gets sucked through so fast it's quite an experience.
  8. I promise to get pictures up tonight.

    Only concern I have with the seedlings right now is that I'm starting to see some curling under of the leaves.
  9. Finally Pictures --- Tent Shots added to OP, current status of the babies here:


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    I am glad that you had a chance to post some pictures. Also if you can, provide with more details on the environment and nutrient solution readings .Detailed journal is always better and it would be easier to find solution to the problems in case if you run into any.:wave:
    P.S. Also if you can try to keep your air pump above the water level.There is a slight chance if pump fails water can run in to it and create a short.
  11. I had four of these seeds gifted to me a few days ago, I am on board for this one :)

    Puff Puff Pass
  12. I'm not much of an expert... actually quite the opposite so mayb a pro can back me up on this but you might want to consider adding a drip system until your roots are long enough... I'm running a similar setup and it proved well for us.

  13. This isn't my first grow with these seeds... Its my first time running them under a HPS though. Last time I grew these I went from seed to harvest using only CFL's... And was still quite pleased. I cant wait to see how much more I get having them under the HPS. But welcome aboard, and if those are your first auto-flowers, it's definitely a neat thing to try as you'll notice a lot of crystals forming before you even see preflowers.

  14. I'm adding some RO water to the rockwool/hydroton daily just to replace the moisture that the ventilation removes from the top... but for the most part the bubbles inside the bucket are keeping the bulk of the hydroton moist and I don't expect this to be an issue whatsoever. Thanks for your suggestion, but I think I'm good where I'm at.
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    I love the idea of Auto's but i cannot wrap my brain around wanting to buy fem seeds, since you cannot clone them, I would want to [grow a male, to harvest some pollen,] and have on hand to pollinate a branch here and there to have seed stock.
  16. I agree with you there is no need to add a drip line (my grow is also proof of it), as long as you have powerful enough air pump to keep the hydroton moist in the bucket and keep the rockwool moist plant will be able to reach the water level with out problem.
  17. You can make your own feminized seed. Check here:
    P.S.Info came from the book.

  18. It's not feminized seeds you can't clone... But yes, atoflowers you can't clone. And because of that the seeds get kind of pricey. I'm not much of an expert in genetics, but you wouldn't want to pollinate an auto with an auto as ruderalis strains are generally low in thc. What you would want to do is take one of your preferred Indica's or Staiva's and cross that with Lowryder or other ruderalis etc.
  19. Great News! When I got home today and checked the babies, BOTH had some roots showing through the net pots!
    Will post some updated pics as soon as there's enough roots to get a decent pic and/or when there is noticeable growth up top.
  20. I'm depressed that I don't seem to have subscribers (thanks for being here RO and MrWeeds)... And things are about to really start taking off :-(

    Please do let me know if you are subscribed to the thread, and please do interact with me- It's why I'm here!!!!

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