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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iColin, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. I get drug tested and me and my bro are chillin' home alone. We need something to smoke? That will not show up on a HAIR test.

    Could I smoke tea? we have a ton at my house I just don't wanna die.
  2. why do you need something to smoke? and why the fuck would you smoke tea.
  3. Smoke DWEEDS MON
  4. because we wanna get high
  5. Wanting to get high should not be a risk to your health or your credability. If you can stomach it smoke nutmeg...
  6. and you think tea will get you high?
  7. #7 BikingStoner, Aug 13, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 13, 2011
    Tea is not going to get you high ? For fucks sake. Defiantly do not do Nutmeg. A few of my friends tried it they put about a whole bottle into a big cup with water and drank it. They said it was one of the most unpleasant feelings they have had.
  8. Synthetic weed probably doesn't show up. Nor does salvia probably.

    In terms of stuff in your house, the only things that will get you high are some prescription meds, cough syrup, inhalants, or nutmeg. If you want to do nutmeg, you have to eat about 2-3 pieces of it (grated, put it in some strong drink because it tastes like shit). It will get you high for a couple days and it will be a weird high. Not recommended, but if you're going to do something household that's probably safest unless you can get an exact dosage of prescription meds.
  9. I'm just experimenting. shitttt
  10. I know tea doesn't get you high. But it's not going to give you a seizure when the kid smokes it...
  11. Should probably just wait till your drug test, than smoke some actual herb.
  12. I tried nutmeg and the taste stays in your mouth even longer ten the high does :(
  13. Thank you commen sence!
  14. hah :D :D
  15. stop being dumb shits. fiending is a quick way to become crack heads.....but yeah my fiend once made a splif out of weed and parsley, we also rolled joints with tea. Smoking tea wont hurt you but it smells real bad and sticks to your cloths.

    Honestly.........just buy a pack of cigarets. (DONT HATE MOTHAFUCKAS!)
  16. I don't think hes 18 if he needs to smoke tea... :smoke:
  17. There are too many things wrong with this post.
  18. LOL yeah forreal
  19. WHAT THE FUCK. Some people..
  20. I REP THE TEA JOINT!!!! really though i even learned how to roll a joint because i would practice with tea when i didnt have any.

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