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Smoking yourself sober?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by G13, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. I've done this before.. I think. Has anyone else? I know pharmacology dictates that it's literally impossible, but I think I'd disagree. Hopefully someone knows what I'm taking about and more importantly.. how it happens.
  2. I agree, I've done it
  3. With the krip I smoke? Hell nah.
  4. fuck no. no such thing, you can smoke so much you think you're sober. haha, you're not.
  5. I got a good theory, truth is you smoke so much that you pass out and wake up with no recollection so you think no time has passed and that you are just sober.

    wow, im so blazed, not sober at all:smoke::smoke:
  6. that krip got me on a grip ya heard
  7. I smell ya
  8. more like you smoke so much you don't feel high anymore. but if you try and do something that requires alot of focus or skill, you will lag behind noticeably.
  9. This happened me the first time I smoked out of a RooR. I was only smoking for like 1 week and all I've had so far was BC buds. Then one day my friend come up to me with some dank Jack Herer and picked me up in the car to his friend which owns the RooR. I took like 10 rips and I didnt feel high at all for like 45 minutes but when i stood up it was like a fucking nuclear bomb in my head i didnt know what the fuck was going on. Walking down the street was hard for me.

    Edit: Matter of fact I think was the one
  10. i think the brains thc receptors just turn off or shut down.
    but i could be wrong
  11. yeah something like that.

    until you stand up.
  12. I think you can get so high you think you aren't high, but you're still fuckin' flyin'.
  13. yea thats what happens. You get so high you cant get any higher and it feels like your sober. Ive done it once smoked a shitload and then smoked like a gram out of a vape. Didnt feel any higher kinda sober but not exactly. It blowed cuz at the same time my bro was completely couch locked cuz he ate 2 grams worth in firecrackers.:(
  14. I did before, I was probably so high I didn't notice.
  15. When I was a kid, I thought this was possible. Later in life though, I have come to realize it doesn't work like that :smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:
  16. never happends to me
  17. no.
    you are mis-interpreting the article.
  18. I believe you might be misinterpreting it? After a certain amount of smoking the cannabinoid receptors in your brain close down as a defense mechanism, not allowing you to get any higher and thusly, killing your high (granted not immediately, but from that point on you will only get more sober); A.K.A. smoking yourself sober.

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