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Smoking yourself it possible?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Medicinal MJ, Jul 31, 2012.

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    The title pretty much says it. Have you ever smoked yourself sober?

    *EDIT* If you have, how much did you smoke?
  2. Have you?
  3. yes. very possible. done it before.

  4. sure haven't. Even smoked an oz in a couple hours with 2 friends, I just got higher lol.

  5. how much did it take ya?
  6. Thread = mindfuck

  7. You crazy bastard you
  8. Whenever I have one of those days when I just smoke literally all day and night, by the evening I think I've just gotten so used to lounging that the lounge becomes my normal state, so I feel like I'm just chillin but really I'm super baked

  9. it is a mindfuck! I've heard people say tthey have and also heard others say it's not possible.
  10. i havent smoked myself sober, but if i stay high for long enough constantly it simply feels normal.
  11. You dont technically smoke your self sober, although i know what you mean and ive done it before.. You smoke so much that your high is just "leveled" to the point where, when you smoke you dont notice that you have gotten higher or not. But your still technicaly high, you just cant realize.
  12. I know that. I smoke and cant tell if im a lightweight and im sooo high or if im used to it. im blastoised tright now sooo....i hoep that made sense...
  13. It's just a saying.

  14. Someone get me a pokeball, I want to catch this blastoised
  15. [quote name='"KidLalo"']

    Someone get me a pokeball, I want to catch this blastoised[/quote]

    *hands pokedex* make sure its the correct pokemon first.
  16. Iv smokes myself sober, i just smoke so much that i dont even feel high, even a day after, it takes about 2-3 days of waiting to get high again, it sucks balls and it wastes product if im trying to chase the high

  17. *looks at pokedex* ): it's a cheap/retarded version of the Pokemon.

  18. About 14 grams to just myself. I should explain though, it was almost the end of senior year and my parents were leaving for a few days. That year I had my AM classes at my high school and my PM classes at a community college/high school a town over where I took all my design classes :bongin:

    Anyways, me and my boy would always get some lunch and smoke in between classes but we planned for this week to buy an ounce and go back to my house after morning classes to get straight blunted. We got the ounce a few days before so it was ready to go.

    We got out of class, got lunch as usual, hit the gas station for some rillos then went to my house and scaled it out to two 14 gram piles. From 10:30am-3pm we just smoked back to back to back. Around 3 I got a few calls from the kids I would usually burn with after school.

    So then they came over and matched at least 2-3 more and left around 6. My boy went home for an hour and I made dinner. 7 rolled around and our girls came over and we smoked a few blunts with them. They left around 1130.

    So by that point the 14 gram piles were only about 3.5 gram piles lol. We rolled up one last cigar and started puffing on it around midnight. I remember looking over at my boy halfway through and telling him how I felt like this blunt was pulling me back to reality and the more I smoked the more sober I felt (not 100% sober but definitely not getting higher)

    Next day I had to give a presentation in my design class and I remember feeling like faded for almost the whole next day. Faded as in very tired and sluggish but not in any sense 'high'.

    I had a much lighter tolerance 2.5 years ago so I'm sure that had a little to do with it. Sorry for the novel just wanted to give it detail, but theres my personal 'smoking myself sober' story.

  19. But what happens when you turn sober? Does being sober then turn into a high itself?


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