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Smoking your vaporizer leftovers?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by calikevin87, Jan 25, 2009.

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    So... Is there any reason not to do this? Do you usually just throw out the herb after you've vaped it?
  2. Well, its likely the THC is gone so I don't know. I'd usually throw it out, but I've had cases where I used it due to being dry.
  3. That's exactly why I'm asking... Picking up tonight, but I have some ground up herb that I used in my vape, and I'm pretty sure that it wasn't cashed because I only vaped on it two or three times. It was a good half a gram at least.
  4. Nah man. the vaped bud still has THC in it, just not that much. vaporizer gets almost all but not all.:)
  5. I guess the only harmful effects of smoking it would be the same as smoking it before vaporizing it, so I don't really see anything different health wise with it if you already smoke weed.
  6. save it up and use it to make baked goods
  7. When you are out of weed. Leftovers will do, :D
  8. This is more efficient than smoking it obviously. Save up some vapo poo and use it to make cannabutter. Its alot more worthwhile than smoking it.
  9. I save it and make some QWISO hash. I think it works better than baking it in food.
  10. no reason not to...
    i just roll j's with mine when im dry.
  11. not gonna lie i have smoked vaped bud i dont kno if it did anything cuz i was already high from my vape
  12. use it in some brownies
    works great :)
  13. I save the stuff and vape it at a higher temp. I don't like the high as much, though. The pure THC-only effect from the first pass, at lower temps, is the best.
  14. Their are still other active cannibanoids in the left overs. If you smoke them, you will get high and it won't tast all that great. Then again, I'm saving all of my vaped buds for some dank ass brownies!
  15. I smoke high quality stuff so I think that might give my vape leftovers a kick. When I smoke my vape leftovers its usually just a heavy and long lasting body high. Good when your in a pinch or can't afford to be loopy and just want to chill.:smoke:

  16. then why did you smoke it?

    to the OP:
    i'm on the qwiso side of the fence. butter is chillin, but i wouldnt make edibles unless there was a special occassion. like my family reunion again...in which case everyone got baked. even grandma. qwiso is more rewarding to me...i gather it, store it, examine it, play with it, smoke it, vape it, and enjoy it. with edibles, i make it, eat it, and maybe end up feeling it. (i tend to smoke out way before i ever end up feeling high from edibles.)

    if you're out and you're itching for it though, you might as well pack it up. fuck it, you know?
  17. how much did you use for brownies when you make it with your already vaped stuff?
  18. smoking your vaporized weed would defeat the purpose of vaporizing it.
  19. Basicly, If you going to vape... the go for the left overs and smoke them, there would be really no reason for the vape because the main reason for using one is so that you get all the toxins and tar out that comes from smoking the product. But you can also use the left overs to make green dragon or baked goods. if you dont know what green dragon is just wiki it XD
  20. u can smoke sum, but primarily i agree with this.:smoke:

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