Smoking your own weed in a group

Discussion in 'General' started by amsterdamage, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Has anyone notice that in Amsterdam you don't share your weed? ..everyone just rolls up their own, and although you smoke with your friends you really don't share your joints unless you want to try each others strains or someone is out

    Is this the same in the dispensaries?

    The first time I went to Amsterdam we rolled up and passed the joint like normal then realized we all had our own weed and could buy more when we wanted it so we just stopped passing, then we noticed that no one else was passing their joints round either.

    ..just an observation and wondering what the face of a legalized marijuana market will look like :smoke:
  2. totally dude, i really love not passing lol

    dont think im like greedy and shit, cause ofc i pass and if there isnt much always pass

    but like if im with myself*ofc i dont pass* or with one or two others and we have plentriful weed that we all got seperatly with our own money, its nice to smoke ur own and not have to pass.

    like, sumtimes, ill take a HUGE hit, and cough and wanna relax my throat sit back take a drink of sum tea, bite my waffle. but wen im in a group and its getting passed.... i cant im already up for another hit. so smokin ur own and not passin is pretty kool IMO if u have weed to spare and whatnot

    idk if that made sense, i like smoking alone a lot too :( :eek:
  3. Honestly I rarely smoke in groups anymore. Mostly with my wife and we always share since she's a lightweight and can't handle a whole joint :D. I usually end up rolling two, one for me and her to share and then one for just me :D. But I see you logic and it makes sense. As far as the dispensaries go, most of them around here don't let you light up near the place. Some of them that got shut down by the feds. turned into places where people can medicate. Never been in one though. But I would imagine it would be similar to what you describe, epecially if people just picked up some really nice medication :bongin:.
  4. Its kind of a win-win situation really

    Your a litte annoyed that you dont pass the bong anymore
    Plus if thats the case, then that means that EVERYONE will have their OWN bong o.o

    with their OWN stash


    imagine that
  5. Sometimes passing can be fun though. I remember when we had this beastly, beastly bowl, that took so many hits before it kicked. It would keep getting passed around, and one by one, people would give up and drop out. It was like a competition to see who could last the longest.
  6. I'm a big fan of individual bowls or whatever if everyone has their own stuff, it's way more pimpin
  7. and then if everyone has different kind of weed everyone can taste each others weed. like a potluck or something. cant think of the word haha.
  8. seems like it has the potential to work. ive never tried individual smoking but in a group. either share in a group or smoke alone.

    tho i feel i would end up switching glass every now and then if i bring my bowl to a friends house whos got a bong, ect.
  9. Fuck that share! Haha. Well for me this year it's been really great.

    Lately everyone has a halfie divided up into 4 different strains. Salad joints and blunts are fantastic.

    Oh and the Hashish and Honey-dipped bud has also been plentiful so it's like you know???:confused_2::bongin:

    Edit: Oh to answer your question about the dispensaries. It doesn't really matter. Some patients prefer to smoke their own and others are willing to share! :D
  10. i only do it when i smoke with other people who have their own pieces on em.

    but with my other friends who don't smoke regularly, i just smoke em out and pass. since.. there's no other option. hha
  11. I think it's more hygienic to smoke your own. Most ppl hv some sort of HSV, or other virus, and I don't want that.

  12. Good point. No herpes for me, please and thank you!

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