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Smoking without tobacco... help/advice please?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PsychoPop, May 21, 2010.

  1. Hi guys! I wanted to ask about mixing tobacco with weed to smoke. I've Googled the crap out of it but can't seem to find anything conclusive...

    Basically, I've smoked spliffs a few times but tobacco makes me real sick. I've always disliked smoking, and I don't want to get addicted, not to mention all the health risks, blah blah blah. The first time I smoked a spliff I actually threw up about 15 mins after I'd finished, and that's sharing it with friends. I've tried making weed brownies twice but haven't really got high for very long from that (I made the THC infused oil and everything).

    So my question is, would it be better for me to smoke pure weed joints? I'm guessing the hit is more potent, so I'd probably take it slow when smoking it, test the waters and whatever. Can I put out a half smoked joint and go back to it? I love weed but hate tobacco! From what I've read, it's a European thing to mix tobacco with weed haha.

    Thanks for any advice in advance :D
  2. Yea just roll it the same minus the tobacco. You can put out a half smoked joint and come back to it but it's going to taste a bit more harsh.
  3. Most joints are full weed, I dunno why you wanna fuck it up with tobacco.

    Only tobacco I smoke are blunt wraps.
  4. use tobacco at the end of the joint near the roach and remember to not smoke so far down, what i do :)
  5. I'm guessing your from the UK like me and unfortunately the Americans beat us on this one. Its normal to roll tobacco in spliffs over here but i personally don't for the same reasons as yourself. I would recommend getting a pipe or bong but if you stay on rollers just roll it without the tobacco and its fine and the smoke tastes a lot nicer. happy toking.
  6. Well thing is, I'm not the one rolling - my friend smokes the tobacco/weed mix, and that's how I got into it basically, we share the spliffs. So I'd prefer to learn to roll myself and make my own joints without the tobacco :)
  7. I would never mix tobacco and marijuana. Just a personal preference. The only down side to mixing is obviously the tobacco :p
  8. That's a good idea :) Can I ask about how much weed should go in one joint? I've read about 1/2g to 2/3g should do it? Like I said, I don't do the rolling at the moment, so this is all a learning experience for me :eek:

  9. Well your in the right place, here is a great guide that helped me when i was starting out read it and practise it a bit you'll soon get the hang of it.
    Spliff rolling guide

  10. Awesome, thanks for the link!
  11. Also, this might seem like a silly question, but what does a pure weed joint actually taste like? Because I was assured by my friend that it tasted gross :S To be honest, anything would be preferable than that hit of tobacco smoke at the back of my throat!
  12. It tastes amazing.
  13. Different kinds of weed have different kinds of tastes, it depends on what the genetics of your weed is.

  14. The taste is going to depend on the quality of your bud, the strain, and other intangibles. But I'll say this right now -- I've never smoked any weed that tastes as bad as tobacco. And I'm talking from the best headies I've ever had to the worst schwagg you can imagine. It's my personal taste, I know, but the taste of weed has never been an issue for me. Like you, I just think tobacco is gross. Even if the weed doesn't taste that great, the effects of it far outweigh anything else.

    Don't let your friend tell you how or what to smoke. Unless he's completely fronting the weed, you have a say in how it's smoked. If you're chipping in for it, you should just be like, "man, I'd really prefer not to smoke tobacco in every joint." If he's not cool with that, I'd just start rolling my own or smoking bowls.
  15. Thanks for the reply!
    That's really good to hear, I'm glad it doesn't taste as bad as she made out! I do chip in, but thing is, she smokes anyway, so she'll always roll with tobacco. I would like to start rolling my own :) I'm going to sound ignorant but what's a bowl, is it like smoking using a pipe?

  16. Yeah a bowl is a term that generally refers to a glass pipe with a carb on it or the part of a bong where you put the weed.

    I would just ask her to roll two joints -- one with tobacco for her, and one without for you. Either that, or just ask her to smoke her cigs separately. You're chipping in, so it's your weed too, and you have a say in the matter.
  17. Right on brother. :smoke:
  18. Yeah, you're right :) I've just done some research and I'm pretty set on buying myself a good bong. That way I don't have to learn to roll haha, and some of the toxic stuff'll get filtered out. Thanks for your help!
  19. Yeah man. Get a bong. The first time you use it you will fall in love. It's the best way to smoke. And pure weed is the best. Don't smoke tobacco
  20. Haha, sounds good! I'm excited about getting one. No more tobacco for me :)

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