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Smoking withdrawal

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by cornholio331, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. Alright, this sounds kind of stupid, and I know I am kinda stupid, so this is just going to add up to a whole bunch of fucking stupid. Anyway, I just got off of winter break yesterday (I got 3 and a half weeks. Cali-mexico rocks) and I am returning back to school. I am one of those people you CAN'T work and smoke at the same time. I know there is people who are out there that can do that, and I envy you. When I smoke, I just wan't to hang out and relax and I don't want to deal with anything. That's why when the school season starts, I smoke only on the weekends. It's a personal choice so I can get my shit done. I have been smoking everyday for the last 3 weeks and now I have stopped all together. I am getting really bad cravings! I know you CAN'T get addicted to weed at all, like cigarettes. When I quite smoking cigarettes, I was cranky and had a headache all the time. This is more of a "damn, why can't I have it" and it's always in the back of my mind. I'm loosing a little bit of sleep over it (just falling asleep slower) and I'm not as hungry. Can anyone suggest some stuff that maybe they did to distract them from smoking during a period of time? 

  2. I started smoking cigarettes again to distract myself. Not a lot just 2 or 3 a day. The difficulty sleeping and appetite problems are normal physiological symptoms when you stop smoking after doing it regularly for a while, and they'll go away pretty soon. 
  3. When I quit weed I eased myself off of it by performing rituals and worshiping Satan. 

  4. Word. Its one hell of a rush the first time you summon our dark lord.
  5. I'm currently on the fourth day of my first tolerance break from daily usage in seven months.  I only had insomnia the first night, my appetite came back pretty quickly too and I'm not having mood swings like I expected to, but maybe they will come soon...who knows.
    I've noticed that since stopping, every night now I have vivid lucid dreams involving weed, but besides that annoyance stopping seems pretty easy. 
  6. have like one hit before you sleep, itll help with the sleep,  and it will be in ur system all day at school you wont be high but you wont have the crave no more
  7. Just stay in control man and chill take a midnight toke if you need to
  8. to protect you from passive aggressive perfectionists, you are not having withdrawl from not consuming thc, but from the feelings that you had. To clarify, you miss being happy, stress free and whatever else you get from your high. Try music with sharp contrasts that really rings out in your bones or sends endorphine chills down your neck. Even When High, that endorphine chill stays the same, the rest of the song just seems better, so if i listen to the same song sober I still get the same amazing endorphine rush that im used to and that helps give me a small natural boost without a major distraction that helps me get through work. 

    something like is always cool to have on when im doing projects, always nice to have a brand new fav song to give you a short break from what you are doing.

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