Smoking with your pets

Discussion in 'Pets' started by snoopstacystace, Jul 3, 2002.

  1. Today I got my cat so stonned it had it's ears sticking up. It then started doing laps around the dinning room and bedroom, with the occasional sniff along the way. I figured that the cat must be hungry so I fed some Kangaroo meat and milk. Afterwards the cat proceeded to harrass me by rubbing it's face against my leg whilst constantly meowing.
  2. OK
    I got a gray african congo who gets high with me all the time.He starts shaking his head and whispering.Then when u go away he satrts talking and he wont f****n shut up.Now i got a rottwelier too and shes a stoner too.Infact thats her name its STONER.Shes a big fat lazy dog.
  3. Here's the coolest stoner cat there is. His name's Chunk...from the Goonies...hell yah that movie kicks booty!

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  4. i was walk some dogs s a job and i smoked a couple joints in the forest with this ugly white poodle, it got so stoned it was leaning side ways up the hill. i had to pick her up. it was funny till i had to pick her up
  5. Jason and I smoke with his cat Doo-doo. He loves to get high. Sometimes, he'll go over to the neighbors house and try to eat their pot plants. He's like a psycho kitty. Belle, the dog, likes to get high sometimes. She's usually too hyper for us to blow anything her way.
  6. OMG! I totally forgot about the other stoner kitties. There were a litter of kittens born near my grandma's house. Jason and I got high and we found them. We decided to name them. There was Doobie, Retard, Joint, Loser, Cat, Liberachi, and bird. Most of them ran away, but we got them ripped a couple of times.
  7. Aleax and I have a 14lb black kitty named Lestat. He doesn't seem to like getting smoked up (especially when Aleax shotguns him) but that doesn't stop us. He gets strange and jumps about 2 feet in the air when you make the slightest noise. :)
  8. The cat get's high on her own. She'll get all serious and jump up in my lap and stay there until I'm done. My snakes always come out while I'm getting fried in here on the computer. It's hard to tell with the gecko. He's a freak anyway. The hamster will get high if I have mini-oreos. Well, let's put that another way, (giving the hamster too much of an intellectual ability there), if I have mini-oreos I'll get him high to watch him eat them. You know how they sit up and hold their food??

    But my dog just hates it. You'd think he gets high all day because his eyes are always bloodshot. But he is a total square. Square,heh-it's the only thing I could think of. I try to get him to do it and he will just turn his head as far away from the j as it will go. He also barks at liquor and beer.
  9. My dog hates smoking but it don't mean I let that bitch get off that easy. I make that bitch smoke as much as I do. She is one high little bitch 24/7. Back to smokin now...Peace

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