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Smoking With Your Parents

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by cjgentry0803, May 25, 2013.

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    Has anybody smoked with their parents? My dad smokes for pain for his back and rather smoke then take pills and thats where i get my stuff and he even lets me have it for free (he even rolls a couple of joints and that usally last me a month and that good enough for me). It all started when i was curious to try it and he was cool enough to let me try it. I didn't even get high though, probably cause it felt weird trying to do it around him, but yeah is their anybody here that their parents were cool with them smoking or had sessions with a parent lol?

  2. Me and my dad, a lot. My mother doesn't ever smoke with me, because she's completely clean now, but she's cool with me smoking.
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  3. I'm hoping to for the.first time this summer. He's been making comments lately like "well at least you smoke the good shit'

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  4. I haven't, I wish my mom would smoke because she has back pain that I know Cannabis would help.
    And for my father he passed away when I was little. But when I was 15 my mom actually was cool with me smoking for a little bit and it basically came out that my dad smoked too. Damn if he was still alive I would've loved to smoke with him.
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  5. I never did, but I wish I would have.
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    I never smoked with my parents but my daughter has.
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  7. my mom introduced me to it. I told her if I was going to do anything, it would only be weed.
    smoked with her for a while, and now she doesn't anymore. I always ask to be polite though. 
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  8. My mom has pain problems and she's said before that if it was legal, she'd try it. My whole immediate family refers to weed as "that stuff" like it's something bad, and in their eyes it is just because it's illegal and they think it fries your brain and is a gateway drug. Only family members I've smoked with are cousins and one of my grandpas. He's pretty cool, and an old hippy at heart. He's in jail right now, but if he was out we'd kick back and smoke joint after joint, then we'll hit my bong and just chill and talk.
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  9. i smoke with my dad at least twice a week
    my mom has this huge phobia of "smoke", not even the herb itself. just smoke...
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  10. First bowl was with my parents. It's nice too have someone to teach you that's not going to fuck you over.
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  11. My mom and I are constantly high when we are together, but we live in two different states so it rarely happens.... we do smoke on skype though haha
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