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  1. What are your thought on smoking with your parents or even children (assuming they're old enough 18+).

    Both of my parents have smoked MJ for as long as I can remember. And they're very open about it, so to me it's never been a big issue. I had my stash sitting out a few weeks ago when my mom was over and she wanted to smoke a bowl.... So I said why not, I hate smoking alone :smoke: lol. So is that "wrong"
  2. no, that's not wrong at all. if a parent and child can share a drink, or share a cigarette, they can share a bowl.

    i've been very open about smoking with my parents for the past couple years. I've smoked with my dad, and my mom has seen me smoke. they are very accepting people, and don't mind at all.

    some parents differ though, and would take serious offense to being offered a joint or a bowl. i've seen it happen. it really just depends on the person

    i can't wait for the day when its accepted as commonly as alcohol and tobacco
  3. Right on, it's actually pretty cool. I've learned a lot about my parents smoking with them. I think it has a lot to do with timing as well. I'm 26, I would have never imagined smoking with my dad at 19. But I guess we're all just at the right point in our lives to share!
  4. yeah my parents just always had one rule about it: don't leave the house.

    they would allow me and my friends to smoke on our deck or something but would take the keys from us, just as they would if we were drinking. we didn't drink, but you get what i'm saying

    it's a nice thing to be able to share shit like weed with your parents, it means a lot.
  5. I have always been very open with my children about weed. it takes away all the mystery and forbidden fruit deal. my son is 21 and has never tried it and says he never wants to. He don't drink either. I have told him if he ever wants to try it come to me. :cool:
  6. I'd like nothing better than to share a smoke with my parents, but unfortunately they aren't too open to the subject of weed. They don't even know I smoke. When they eventually do know, however, maybe I'll be able to convince them.

    As for children... well, when/if that far-away day comes I'll learn 'em good.
  7. my 15 yr. old stepdaughter rolls a better joint than me.....

    so that should answer that question without saying too much,,,;)
  8. I smoke with my father, but not my mother. My mom needs it the most, shes so wound up!! One day, one day..
  9. i've burned with my mom and 'some day' i will with my dad. with my mom, the first time i did was a pretty cool moment with her. it was like... my mom

    but with me and we're stoned

    it was lightly raining and i had my bong and we were up in Pfeiffer, Big Sur. If you've been there then you would know how beautiful the red wood trees are there. they are magnificient. well, they are really anywhere you can find them... but their population is dwindling sadly. well, anyhow, was sprinkling and we were down by the creek and we found a nice red wood. i was just kinda 'headed out' and she knew i was going off to smoke and i made references earlier to her about it and she jokingly said 'how bad that would be for her to condone it' but it was all just jokes and when we go to the creek i pulled out my bong, heard her 'woah dude' and i filled it with creek water. that was definitely a good session.
  10. Lol that's legit. If I ever did that I'd probably be kicked out on the streets (I dont really have a problem with that though since my mom pays for what I'm living in)

    Anyway the only thing that's "wrong" with it is that it's illegal and bad for your lungs. But you drive over the speed limit and eat processed food sooooo.... hmm

    and by you, i mean the general population that says illegal things are "bad" and marijuana is "bad" for you. :D
  11. I smoke with my parents sometimes. They don't do it often, only when I smoke with them. But to be honest, they are some of the funniest/funnest people I have smoked with. They get so stoned off of like 2 hits and say the most random shit. It's hilarious.
  12. i would love to smoke with my parents
  13. I smoke with the majority of my family. except my dad. and he blazes a lot but he told me once that it would be too weird if he smoked with me. so I respected that. but I do smoke with my mom, grandma, cousins, uncles, aunts lol my family is a bunch of stoners :smoke: gotta love it.

  14. haha mine said the same thing;BUT we eventually did.
    i've never smoked with my mom, or her boyfriend, but i have smoked with my dad, and with his gf/my stepmom?(they aren't married, but i consider her my step mom)

    haha anyways, i'll tell the story of the first time i smoked/events before it,
    we we're driving out to my dad's house for me to stay there for a little while(get a break from my normal neighborhood, and so on) and i brung up the subject about me smoking, and just came out and told him-he said he's completely fine with it, just he wouldn't do it with me, and told me NOT to let my sister do it-shes only 15, so you can see the concern; anyways, i was in the kitchen talking with my stepmom after dinner, while she was washing dishes i was getting something to drink, and my dad walked out in his jacket with his hood on(I INSTANTLY knew he was going to smoke, i just had a vibe haha) and my stepmom asked, "where are you going?" he replied, "to the rambler"(he has an all stock 69 rambler that he's working on) and so she said back,"can you wait?"-obviously she wanted to smoke as well, and he pretty much told her, hurry your ass up because i'm lighting it, and if it's gone before your out here, too bad. She then says, "oh well i don't think i should be high in front of my daughter"-not trying to pull a guilt trip, just my dad hides it A LOT better and my sister doesn't ask questions about him as much as she does her mom. I then start talking, and HINT at the fact i wanted to go out to the rambler, and she tells me go ahead, but make sure i have my jacket on(it's cold out) so i strut my lazy ass out there, and try to find him(the rambler had the tarp on, it was dark, and i wear glasses) so eventually i find it, get in and sit down. i can smell the smoke in the air, and we start talking, just shooting shit- eventually i ask if he still had it, and he hesitated, but eventually told me to spark it(assuming i would smoke by myself), to which i replied i was asking about the BOSS-nickname for my stepmom, because she's always giving orders, haha; anyways, we eventually light it, and i pass it, assuming that i wasn't going to be able to smoke-i stated i can't, but then remembered i had my clear eyes handy(my sister LOVES to talk to me) so eventually he's done hitting it, looks at me, i look at him, we BOTH look away, and when i turn around theres the joint sitting right in my face; i hit it.

    one of THEE chillest moments of my life, hahaha XD

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