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Smoking with your girlfriend

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Eclipse996, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. So iv been toking pretty much every day for a year now. Pretty much started right as I started dating my current girlfriend. Now I never considered her a smoking type because she's premed for cardio surgery (yes I'm the dumb one in the relationship). So for the first time she said she wanted to smoke and I was of course all for it. I load up my bubbler because I think a bong is too much for a first time. After we were done we watched a movie and I made some dinner. Everything went fine but I feel like I actually have more fun smoking with friends rather than my girl. Anyone else ever notice this?
  2. Yeah the first time I smoked with my current ex was a buzzkill. Even though we had sweet, hot passionate ,sex it was a buzzkill. I like smoking at my homie's house rather than with a gf...
  3. I smoked once with my friends before I smoked with my current boyfriend about two years ago and we have been smoking down together ever since. Its really great sharing buds and and hunting for pieces together. One day I'm sure you'll find your Mary Jane to toke with and love!
  4. Yeah, even without smoking, it is generally more fun to hang out with friends
  5. definitely. i used to be that way. every time my girl would want to get high, i'd be like, nahhhh i'm not really interested, but i'd smoke more with my friends than her. not really fair. and im not really sure why. but eventually i just started smoking with her more often and it became enjoyable. i think it's actually because i enjoy smoking with a group of my closest friends as opposed to one person. sex while stoned is a plus though, unless you get "weed dick"

  6. What's weed dick? Haha
  7. im guessing weed dick is when you can't get hard
  8. i get 'weed dick' when i 'enjoy the aroma' of herbal incense.
  9. Nope I have been smoking with my girlfriend for 3+ years now daily. If anyone of the group was a buzz kill, it was my mom but usually because she was drinking too.

    I smoked out a friend almost daily for a year and my best friend when he came to town but he would stay a week or two at a time.

    My best friend has now moved away and the other guy stopped smoking so they were moochers beyond belief.

    I have to say moochers kill my buzz and my crazy ass mom drunk.
  10. honestly, if i smoked with my ex, it would be so stupid.
    I would hate myself for days for even wasting smoke on her lungs.

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