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Smoking with your dealer.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by weedgetsalong, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Just wondering how many of you guys have ever or do blaze with your dealers when you are picking some up.

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  2. all the time, but im friends with my dealer and his little brother
  3. Me and a friend were desperate for some bud and used a dealer who I had just met. Apparently my friend knew him and we went off after the deal smoked a J with him and chilled for a bit.
  4. whenever my guy has extra free time, he will offer to go half in for a blunt. all he smokes is blunts and all I do is vape.... but when somebody offers to go halfsies on a blunt I wont ever say no to that :)

    We also occasionally go half and hit some of my vaporizers instead.
  5. My dealer is my homie, I smoke him up, he smokes me up.
  6. One of my dealers, doesn't like mixing business with pleasure.My other dealer, who is my mate's sister, she doesn't smoke it. So I smoke it with her brother and a few other people. It's alright, i know some dealers who sell to you and are like "hey man you gonna roll one up now or what?" thats just cheeky?
  7. Yea... ask them to give you back money for at least half a gram if they ask for you to keep rolling the J's :)

    I do prefer my old guy who was more the type who wouldn't mix business and pleasure. Wouldn't smoke anything while on runs. But he was ultra pro to the point of paranoia. Everything came in 1/8's, in presealed bags, then inside small square boxes, then wrapped the box in this heat sealed foil wrapping with a UPC label. It was like buying camera parts or something hi-tech.... I loved it because my friends would always be blown away seeing me open up weed that looked like computer part packages... but that guy moved on and does graphic design professionally now.
  8. I was just at my dealers house and I was expecting him to take a tiny bit out if my bag, but instead he packed a fat bowl with his own bud.

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  9. I used to blaze with my dealer (who happened to be one of my best friends) on the daily, but a little trouble with the law forced him to stop. And I've never smoked with my new dealer, and he isn't as reliable :(
  10. Lots, builds a good relationship. Haven't been able to in a while unfortunately.
  11. I just met the guy. 2nd time getting from him.

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  12. I only have one dealer that I go through, and I would say we are good acquaintances, but not quite friends. Even though we only know each other through the dealer (business) relationship, he will always offer to spark up a bowl or a joint when I go over, and it's always from his own stash.
  13. yea we usually kick it and smoke and chill for an hour or more when i pick up. hes usually with his boys, one of which i knew before him who sold me probably over a pound before he stopped selling lol.

    they usually blaze me out and hook it up.
  14. Sure, only if they throw down
  15. Well my dealer that I just got introduced to like 3ish weeks ago hasn't had time but he says next time he reups he's gonna roll a fat blunt and we'll go half's on it.
  16. Sometimes, he's an old man but damn he can take hits like a champ and we could bullshit for hours.
  17. My dealer will spark up a blunt anytime i buy an eighth. ill throw in outta courtesy but he never asks.
  18. thats the best part about selling. People are always burning with you AFTER you sell it to them lol.
  19. My dealer usually doesn't smoke till the end of the day, so only if he comes by really late. Otherwise he's usually got other shit to do so he'll pass.
  20. I smoke with my dealer all the time, but me and him are great buddies, but that's how it's supposed to be, isn't it? Just don't get involved with sketchy dealers, haha!

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