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Smoking with wild animals

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Blank Kush, May 29, 2009.

  1. Have you ever smoked in the woods or something to find a nice furry little friend next to you without even noticing?

    Me and a friend were smoking behind some crates at our old highschool. We would blow the smoke through holes since it wouldn't show on the other side. But we ended up finding a fox who had this little hut made out of water bottles and fruit by the foot wrappers there. That fox must of been high because we smoked at least a 20 and blew all our smoke through the crate.

    NOTE: i didn't purposely blow the smoke, we both had absolutley no idea that it was there. I do not intentionally smoke out wild animals lol.
  2. If You count ur mom wild then YES!!!

    joking, ive never got to be the first to do a momma joke on a thread and i took the opportunity.

    But I have not smoked with a wild anima.:smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:

  3. Damn dude.
    there is no way.
    if that is true.
    that is the craziest thing i've ever heard.

    and no, i've never had that happened.
  4. Dude...I wish...

    The closest thing to a wild Animal I've smoked with are my friend's dogs. They were the fuzziest things I've ever felt in my life...And I could have sat there for days just hugging them Because their fur felt amazing when I was stoned. Haha
  5. Yea, of course we left right after. We didn't want to get rabies or something also the fox looked like it wanted to kick our asses. I'm sure we were not welcome :(
  6. I smoke with my cat sometimes. She is a pussy though, never inhales.
  7. This might sound wierd, but I kinda think that animals might know you are high. I have smoked out in my backyard by our pond multiple times and the fish seem to come up closer to the boat, and you tend to notice little lady bugs sitting around more. You might even have a bird come sit by you, but fuck that they can't have any of my stash.
  8. I've smoked in my backyard late at night several times, and hear possums walking around. Fuck possums.

    I would never intentionally smoke out an animal (domestic or wild), that's fucked up.
  9. ya hell ya i have, and i mean with some WILD animals. A fuckin giraffe, some babboons or monkeys whatever they were, some lemurs, almost a rhino and some cheetahs on a sperate occasion but the wind was blowing the wrong direction. This shit was insane the fuckin animals were only separeted by a fence and my homies car. One giraffe ate something from my buds hand thru the sunroof, and when he stayed for another bite i blew a fat hit of some purp right towards some of the biggest nostrils ive ever seen, was fuckin epic, oh and the moneys were on top of the car shit they were hanging on the car shit was fuckin epicly funny.
    The San Diego Wild Animal park is the shit. Me and some buddies are goin on an overnite event there in june where this will be alcohol served plus whatever brews we bring in and undoubtedly some pot smoking.
  10. My cat always knows when I'm high. I can just tell. No two bones about it.
  11. I had gotten a friends dog high a couple times, it would go to sleep and make noises and move it's legs while it slept.

    Then I read it's really bad to get animals high.
  12. My friend's a cat has a strange tendency to hang out when we smoke there. She'll climb right up on my lap, lean up against my chest, and stick her face in front of mine. When I blow the smoke she just takes it. 5 minutes later she just lays down and curls up next to me.

    Best cat ever :)

    My cats definitely know when I'm high. They don't like the smoke but every once in awhile one of them will put up with enough to get goofy.
  13. one time I was smoking some weed with my indian friend little bear and an eagle landed right on my fucking shoulder!
  14. +rep to the OP for having the best thread title ev4r.
  15. I swear dogs know when you're high. Mine does.
  16. #16 dankers hill SD, May 29, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: May 29, 2009
    Animals can sense when you high for sure. What you should really do is take some acid then be around an animal and start to pet it, then for some reason the animal starts to trip out with you. Ive always thought this is b/c when your on acid or shromms or whateveer, you start to secrite the acid or pshilocybin thru sweating then when you touch an animal it is absorbed thru their fur/hair. This is b/c this is how animals naturally cool down. their fur/hair absorbs any liquid that is filtered out of the body and/or absorbed thru the hairs and acts as a coolant for the body , so naturally if you're secreting acid and its absorbed by the animals fur/hair they will start to trip. or maybe its just cause they know you're wiggin out and are giving you "the run around."
  17. Well ive never had that happen but i had a catopilar on me whiling smoking and i was blowing smoke at it
  18. Caught a goose. Smoked it out on a dro blunt. Watched Cheech and Chong: Up in Smoke. Played freeze tag.
  19. Stingy
    My friends dog LOVES LOVES LOVES weed. I had cargo shorts on with my pipe in my pipe bag in the cargo pocket, he sticks his face in there and steals my pipe. I already smoked a bowl and i know he loves it so i loaded up a a half bowl just for him and got him blazed :eek:
  20. a good friend of mine had a yellow lab that he used to smoke out every day. he would blow out huge hits in the dogs face and at first it didn't like it and you whine and cry until it came down from its high. but it slowly fell in love with it and because a stoner and it started to walk over to the person whe was takin a hit cuz he wanted them to blow it in his face.

    god damn this sounds like the fakest story ever but it's true. he had a stoner dog!

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