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Smoking With Tobacco?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Generic_User645, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. I live in england and pretty much everyone smokes their stuff mixed with tobacco unless its a blunt or something. However, i hate the taste/effect of tobacco/cigarettes, and while i can tolerate the taste of the combination, i would prefer it just to be pure weed in the spliff ( i enjoy the taste of blunts)

    But everyone i smoke with says that the shit wont burn without the tobacco. Any truth behind this?
  2. No. Your friends are morons.
  3. this guys right. ^^^

  4. I thought so too.
  5. You dont HAVE TO smoke with tobacco. And if you dont that doesn't automatically mean it wont burn as good. From my observation a lot of people in countries outside the U.S smoke with tobacco, in joints and blunts at least. I smoke tobacco and sometimes i'll throw some in a spliff or sometimes a bowl if im trying to conserve. But i enjoy tasting pure MJ on it's own :smoke:
  6. i do it with joints i bring to wrok, like 1/3 tobacco, and then just tobacco near the roach so i don't waste, i'm a smoker though.
  7. Eh, the only time i ever mix tobacco with my ganja is if we are popin' yettis... and i'm im smoker myself, but i enjoy the pure, rich taste of my dank tbh.
  8. When you mix it with tobacco, it's called a spliff. Of course you can smoke them together, you're friends most likely said that because they dont want to smoke tobacco with it.

    I, personally, dont mind it at all because it doesnt take much to get me high. I enjoy a nice spliff mixed with dank headies and grape flavored tobacco every now and then.

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