smoking with this

Discussion in 'General' started by chinoko, May 6, 2011.

  1. cute girl on sunday.

    we're gonna chill and smoke. I think she digs me. She's always hitting me up first.
    Should I try hooking up?

  2. No, you should not. God forbid you get a peice of strange. ;)
  3. If shes hitting you up then she likes you. Go for it mang what you got to lose?
  4. NO

    what are you,gay!?:rolleyes:;)
  5. if she can roll a blunt, shes a keeper

  6. wow my bad wasn't thinking when I typed this. She used to have something with this guy I'm cool with.
  7. These are the apt words...

    Go for it, my man. :hello:
  8. fuck that other dude,sounds like she needs new dick.
  9. r u guy, u taking like that
  10. Nahhhhh
  11. now she can have a relationship with your 'little guy';)
  12. rape her with the mouthpiece of ur bowl

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