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smoking with the less experienced

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by delaWHERE?, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. Anyone ever get that special extra high of smoking out people who don't regularly toke? Tonite I went to The Melting Pot with some friends, in celebration of one of them getting into law school at St. Johns. Two of them recently found out I smoke, and were like hey can we smoke sometime? (that's like an eargasm for someone who has few smoking friends, like i do)

    I smoked them out tonite when we got back and it was so awesome. They hadn't smoked in a year, and I had brought my new 18" GonG so they needed a bit of help at first getting things lit and knowing when to stop pulling. It was great serving as the instructor and showing them a whole new level of smoking. I've known them since freshman year of college...we're now seniors and they're graduating in a month (i'll be here an extra year due to double major). It was so fun to smoke them out, but so disappointing that we've missed out on so much time just cus we didn't know that each other smoked!!!

    Thanks for reading about my smoking adventure of the evening and post any similar stories you might have!
  2. dW, that sounds awesome

    i havent ever really done that before but it sounds amazing. Senior huh? guess you dont like us freshman much :smoke: thats okay...its all chill here

    thats for an entertaining read :metal:
  3. Haha, it's cool. My sis is a freshman here at the same school...sometimes her n00b status can get annoying, but we're tight so it's no biggie. Everyone's gotta learn sometime! The thing I hate more than anything else is the multitude of cookie-cutter people here on campus...bleh uggs and short skirts need to GO AWAY!
  4. i just smoked out 2 chicks from my work, and it was their first bong experience too. I wasn't a very good instructor though...

    I would get them hitting it fine, but my attention would go elsewhere and they would never pull the bowl so they both ended up ripping the thing soo fuckin hard for their first hits ever. It definitely took 'em to a new level of high, but they paid for it with 5 minutes of coughing.
  5. Oh my..

    It seems like every few weeks im smoking out old friends that have never smoked before. Its awesome when they get REALLY high for the first time and they dont know how to react. So they will ask you the stupidest questions but its hilarious because you know they have no way of controlling it.

    Another thing that is awesome to do is show new people smoking tricks. Ever since Luke showed those videos to me Ive practiced alot to master Killhits. Now Killhits are like second nature to me so its really awesome when i puff out a huge smoke cloud and breathe it all back in. All the kids are like...WHOA HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOU DO THAT DUDE!!??

    Also i remember when i didn't have any bud but i had my pipe with me in a car with like 4 people. Well i decided to do some resin hits out of my pipe. Pretty easy to do once you know how to do it. Well NO ONE in the car besides myself and my friend could get any smoke out of the pipe. They kept thinking that i was purposely not telling them how to do it but its just the technique of getting the lighter flame in the pipe just enough to heat up the sticky resin.

    Whooo i love smoking...:)
  6. lol, the people I smoke out once in a while really really suck at taking hits and they get SOOO ripped.

    I have alot of problems getting my friends stoned cuz they really really like being high and are willing to do it whenever they don't have anything else to do, but they clam up so much while high that it's really not any fun hanging out with them while their high cuz they get too stoned to talk. Meanwhile I open up more while high and to fill in the silence I start to talk alot.

    Not that I don't enjoy the silent moments, I do, but SO much of it gets super annoying after a while and to be perfectly honest ruins my high to some extent because I get all excited to be smoking with people and then it turns out to be a total waste of socializing because . . . well, it's not really socializing at that point is it? We get high and don't have any fun? that's not cool imo.

    Anyways, the other thing is that no matter how much I instruct them and tell them to CORNER the bowl and try and take bigger hits, they like sit there sucking very VERY weakly and practically no smoke comes out. Meanwhile, I'm fucking ripping away at the bowl and taking all the good hits.

    FINALLY last time my good friend took a hit right and was like "WHOA! FUCK! I NEED SOME WATER!" and I was like "you guys are such lightweights . . . ah well."

    But yeh, I used to be a lightweight like them till I started buying my own shit. I really do love my good friends, but they seriously need to learn how to smoke . . . ah well.
  7. i looove smoking people out for the first time, or smoking with people who don't smoke that often. i feel privalged that they would share with me something they don't normally share with people.
  8. Dela what campus at St John's University are you going to
  9. That is so cool dW, I only have a few friends that live near to me that I smoke with. I love to find out when one of my friends smoke and I did not know it. Its so fun blazing together. Good Tymes. JOE>
  10. Hey, it's not me, it's one of the friends i smoked out that will be going to law school there.
  11. Yeah those are always good times. A lot of people I blaze with for the first time trip out huge for some reason or another.

    My one buddy started crying because we had to walk up a set of stairs to get to his room.

    This other kid was mystically repelled from all sources of light, every time he looked at a light (we were outside in the dark) he'd go "WhooooooooooAAAAAAAA!" and like start walking backwards really fast and almost fall over.

    This one kid (his very first time blazin) he just sat there, eyes so freakin red, just staring at a chair saying "Am I trippin yet? Hey? Am I trippin yet?"

    Good times indeed.
  12. I love being there when people lose their thc virginity. I always have to explain the concept of the carb, and it seems like they always take an insane killer rip for their first time.

    I remember my first rip ever, I didnt know when to clear the pipe and ended up on the ground coughing for about 10 minutes haha.
  13. Ah ive smoked people out for their first time and its awesome, everyone chills and get giggly etc. when i whip out the roor all i watch is their mouths drop. although first time i hit a ROOR it was in the dark and by the second hit around i couldnt see how big of a hit i was taking and the lights came on as i was clearing it only to see it was yellow-walled all the way up :eek: ..yeah put me on the ground gasping for air for about 15 min
  14. Hm..i like tokin with less experienced, they can never handle as much, and they cough like bitches..meanwhile, your Hittin the shit like there's no tomorrow and not coughin at all, its fun to laugh haha
  15. I was going to post on the topic, but I just remembered my roommate andy took a huge rip from a joint last night...and he puked...keep in mind he's been smoking longer than I have. He took such a big hit i think cuz i was giving him hella shit for kicking his ass in need for speed underground 2....I find it absolutely hilarious to make fun of him after I beat him at any video game just cuz he thinks he is the shit and he takes them way too's the same satisfaction i get when trying to get first timers high i think kind of almost in a sadist way idk anybody else like getting noobs super stoned to mess with them i find it to be entertaining. like when i notice that someone is taking bitch hits i make them take big hits. im just playing the role that my friends played when i was new to the game they got me sooo high it was awesome i just want everyones first time to be as good as mine was so they enjoy weed as much as i do.
  16. Lmao! ha, its like the exact same thing with me and my buddy, I always joke to him about takin a bitch hit ha

  17. lol eargasm. sounds like fun too, im actually smoke less than most of my friends though, so i cant really compare, therse always someone to smoke with at my school.
  18. Normally its random hot drunk chicks that want to smoke and don't how, there always ask if i can fill the bong of smoke for them, Im just like wtf are you kidding, hit that shit yourself! Ill tell them how to do it atleast, maybe light it for them.

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