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Smoking with the infected.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Roflspammer, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. A bro of mine has the flu. He got it Saturday, and will probably be over it by this Saturday. When will it be safe to share a bong pack or blunt with him, and no for a fact I will not get infected. Also, I will be hosting a smoke out Monday-ish. If he is still contagious, but can still attend, how should I go about smoking with him?
  2. Roll him up a personal J or something; nothing wrong with that.
  3. Dont smoke with him until he is no longer sick. T
  4. Flu virus can infect u even if you don't smoke with him.

    EX: he touches his nose and opens your door,bathroom etc... Then u touch it.

    Boom! Your infected. Get a flu shot but it's still not 100%
  5. Flu shots are really unnecessary.

    Hygiene, eating right, water and proper rest.
  6. Just make sure you don't share anything your mouths touches, and wash your hands and you'll be fine. You cant be afraid of the flu, what doesn't kill you makes you that much stronger. That's my take. You might also want a flu shot? Many pharmacies can set you up!

    happy toking :)
  7. Getting a flu shot because your friend is coming over seems a little excessive. If your body is in a weakened state you'll get sick no matter what. Just by being in the same room you will be sharing all his bacteria and vira. But seriously, if you're a fit, healthy person and you make sure to load up on the usual vitamins and minerals you'd be able to share his spit, if you wish (lol).

  8. Bingo. I wouldn't trust any of those "flu shots" with anyone I care about...
  9. I got one and i got the flu a month later lmao they dont even work all the time
  10. It's all luck and how strong your immune system it is and how complex the strain.
  11. I've always made a habit of putting my immune system through the worst, and have smoked with/been around sick people all my life. So really that's your call, you'd be taking a chance, but if you have a strong immune system and think you can handle it, go for it. That could be construed as terrible advice, but the worst that can happen is a little bit of the flu.
  12. I would wait at least 2 days until he has stopped showing symptoms because even without symptoms he could still be a convalescent carrier. (Can still transmit a disease without showing signs of it)
  13. Wait a few days after his symptoms are gone. If you were smoking with him before he showed symptoms, you might already be incubating the flu anyway...
  14. All I know is back before I avoided people with influenza like the plague. Anytime I ever caught any kind of cold from smoking with friends, it never really seemed to go away until several weeks even months after. Just a constant hacking cough, for what seemed like forever.

    Flu shots are a good idea in most cases as the way I understand it they are literally used to update your immune system with dead versions of the viruses, but even then sometimes they will make you sick too depending on how good your immune system already is.

    Also, one rather important bit of advice is Zinc. I don't know exactly how this works, meaning I totally don't understand it. But somehow, if you take pure Zinc like that from a drugstore/chemist at the very first sign of symptoms, it somehow stops the virus from taking hold and you will only get a very lite version of the rendered effects from it. For instance a cold that lasts for a week, will only last for maybe 2 days at most, never reaching an uncomfortable level. just like everything, mileage may vary, but that's my experience with it.
  15. "The infected." Lol, reminds me of some Rage Virus or Walking Dead shit right thurr.
  16. Can a zombie get stoned?
  17. As long as you don't get bitten, you should be fine.
  18. I was kinda going for that lol. Feel free to jack this thread jnto a zombie thread idgaf. Fuckin stoned zombies. It would affect the brain either way so to me it make sense.
  19. I should hope so. Otherwise, my existence will be miserable once I'm zombie-food.
  20. Aight so the dude with the flu no longer has a fever, and has been without one for 48 hours. He is still coughing though. He is coming to the sesh tonight... Is he still contagious? And what do I do if he is?

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