Smoking with the girl I like

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  1. So I'm supposed to be smoking with the girl I like tomorrow. I've been wanting to hang out with her for a while, but never got the chance to ask her.

    But the other day she texted me saying that she smoked for the first time and basically I told her I was down to smoke and she was too... So she texted me "wanna smoke next week" and we set this up. (this will be her 2nd time smoking)

    So I kinda feel like this fell right into my lap. We're hanging out at my house and we're probably going to Vape the MFLB and watch some Netflix, but other than that I don't know what to expect.

    I need some advice, should I flirt? How can I make her chill with me again? I mean if she agreed to smoking and hanging out over my house, I feel like I have a good chance.

    Thanks for any replies!
  2. Feel it out, she might be a crazy person and started smoking weed to hang out with you, i know that sounds farfetched but some woman..

    Don't rush it, espically if its been a struggle just to get her to come over.
  3. Netflix gets bitches, it's all you need
  4. Netflix and buds! WOoo!

    Actually man, if you're looking to be more than friends, maybe don't smoke the first time you hangout.

    Get to know her better first and then experience that with her, it'll leave a better first impression of your hangout. Girls are weird and base everything off of that first impression.

    Good luck brother! :D
  5. MFlb might be too hard for beginners
  6. the mflb has a learning curve to it and seeing as shes only ever smoked once, I'd say use a simpler device. Chances are she will hit it incorrectly and either not got high or the trench will burn and she will get too high.

    Start her off on something simple, like a pipe.
  7. dude no doubt about it you're gonna get some action

    if you want her to like you back (if you don't think she might already) just slowly develop it into a fwb type of thing
  8. OP, you are one lucky dude.
  9. Dont stare at her boobs.
    You wont belive how often i catch myself doing that.
  10. wow shit I forgot about this thread. Long story short we didn't chill after this, but recently she texted me back and I'm looking to chill with her again

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