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smoking with the Flu

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cmbr66, Jul 23, 2003.

  1. just wanted to know if smoking while im sick will make me feel better or worse. I cant hold down any food so it really suxs.
  2. That's kinda hard to answer. If you, on a norm get sick from smoking, then i wouldn't recommend it. But otherwise i definatley would. I had the flu in February and the only thing that helped was weed.
  3. its been a while since i had the flu, but i smoked then, it didnt go away, but im sure smoking helped a lot, it also works a lot of the time with the common cold....
  4. smoking with a cold usually helps me. but i smoke everyday regardless, so.....

    pot will help settle your stomache, help dry out your sinus, help you relax/sleep. just spark a joint and if it makes you feel worse, just put it out. more than likely it will make you feel better
  5. Just dont share your pipe/J/whatever with someone else... thats how I got the flu last

    then again, when you and ur friends all have the flu and are staying home... theres one thing you can do: smoke more!
  6. karbontk, are you feeling better yet?

    I'd rather be stoned with the flu than sober... if it hurts to smoke, just eat the herb! One of my favorite recipies is Stoner Ramen: Boil a couple bowls worth of chopped up herb, water, and 2 tbsp butter until the herb turns brown (I let it go for no less than 15 mins). Then add the noodles and flavor packet for a great sick-stoner snack! From experience, it really helps with the body aches.
  7. Ever heard the term "Cotton Mouth". It means dry mouth from smoking on the Ganja. So it is good to dry up your sinuses and alleviate those terrible "flulike" symptoms,including anorexia. Pot also gives the added benefits of nauseau relief and the ability to eat , or the"munchies". These are just a few of the many medicinal properties of cannabis.
  8. I cant give you a awnser to this but i can say when i blazed grade when i had he flu i got stoned even more and onless but i think thats because my immune system was weakend from the flu not the grade its self. but i also got a harsh headake but my nose was clear for a few hours :D
  9. Just try not to sneeze into your bong...
    Nothing like being covered in, cold nasty bong water, hot weed, and lukewarm snot, to make you feel that much worse...

  10. I heard the same thing is done with nutmeg in some tribes...
    (you wouldn't happen to have meant Nutmeg, would you???)
    Ground up, snorted up, dribbled out, and licked right back in...

    Snotty goodness...
  11. so im sick right now and i aint quittin smokin! it makes my soar throat not soar anymore.
  12. i personally think it depends on person to person and sickness to sickness because theres been times where ive been sick and i smoked and it just made me feel worse but theres been times where ive smoked while sick and it made me feel better, so my guess is it just depends on what kinda cold you got.

    If you have a real upset stomach though i suggest smokin some weed cause weed has allways worked wonders when i had a stomach ach or upset stomach.... The best times weed has helped aliveate my symptoms was when ive gotten food posioning.

    Just try it out, if it makes you feel worse itll only be for a couple hours if it makes you feel better than you can just keep on smokin till your cold goes away.

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