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Smoking with Strep

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by thekeeftheif, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. So last night I went to the ER. I had 103 fever, a throbbing headache, a sore neck... not to mention an increased heart rate (120-130) all the good stuff. Anyways, at the hospital they figured out it was strep throat... haven't had that since I was a kid! But after they figured that out, they pumped a bunch of fluids/medication in me via IV (I was extremely dehydrated which made it so horrible - it took them three tries to put the IV in because my veins were so shrunken due to dehydration) and I left at about 4-5 in the morning. So I've been sleeping/drinking water all day, my fever is almost gone... and I am kinda wondering... would it be a bad idea to toke? I toked earlier yesterday and I was fine... doesn't hurt my throat to smoke.

    P.S. I'd be toking by myself not with other people :p
  2. I say make some edibles, maybe a firecracker? If not, if you have access to a vape, do that....

    I don't think any of the effects of weed besides the actual smoke part could be have any bad side effects...
  3. id say its never a bad idea to toke, but then thats just me:p:hello::yay:
  4. Smoke that shit.... :bongin:
  5. Can't really make edibles... I live with people who wouldn't be okay with that... and I have no access to a vape =(

    I'm thinkin' I'll use a bong if I do it though... I can make a pretty sick homemade bong.
  6. Hellz yea!
    I dont really see what the problem would be with that, since it doesn't hurt you throat.
    Go for it, Brahh :)

  7. dude! the same exact thing happened to me this week since fuckin saturday, and im still sick....
    the worst part is that i've been on college spring break since last friday...
    im so mad, but anyways..
    it didnt really bother me to smoke in the the begining, but lately when i'd smoke a bowl or a blunt/joint, it would tear my throat up!
    so now i only resorted to using my new VAPE!:smoking::smoking::smoking:

    weed honestly makes you feel 110% better whenever anything is wrong with you hahaaa
  8. Dude same here. I'm on spring break and I'm pretty sure I got sick from a party I went to two days ago... so much bullshit.

  9. soo much bullshit is right..., but i am kinda glad i did get sick when i was off so i can jus relax n shit ya know? i pretty much just hate how much my fuckin neck n head hurt all the time...:mad:
    owww owww!
  10. yea well now I can't hit up my friends party tonight because, unlike the fuck who got me sick, I don't hit up parties when I'm contagious haha but I plan to game down hard tonight and if smoking goes well I will be finishing off my hash :]

    anyways I'm about to go light up, I shall post my results upon my return (good idea/bad idea)... god the worst part about smoking is the fact I have to move my groggy ass to the garage :p

  11. yeah that is the worst part haha, i know exactly what u mean LMAO...
  12. Idk... I have, but you should probably cut back, be sure to use only joints or sterilize your glass before you smoke with friends...

    Cannabinoids can suppress the immune system too.

    Then again, if you smoke for some medical reason, e.g. to sleep or keep on weight, you should probably not deprive yourself of it to the point where your sickness is prolonged anwyay.

    But even when I have been sick and blazed pretty regularly, I eventually got better. I think I smoked less mainly because it made my throat so sore, although after smoking I recall it feeling kinda numbed and less swollen...

    So basically do whatever the hell you want to do. lol. Just don't blaze all day just because you're out of school/work, and don't give your smoking buddies strep.
  13. not gonna lie... after about 3 hits of hash plus this liquid vicodin... i must say i'm feelin' pretty groooovy :smoking:

    loadin up round two as we speak ;]
  14. Liquid vicodin?! I wish I got that everytime I had strep
  15. just dont use aluminum foil and u should be straight

  16. oh shit,:eek::eek::eek: if i had that stuff id be alright too lol...
    all they gave me was fcukin:
    perscription Aleve (not cool):mad:
    some non-sedative cough shit... (i dont even have a cough):confused:
    and some FUCKIN Claritin:mad:
    sooo im slump..:(
    but i got good 'ole weed tho :smoking:

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