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Smoking with strangers.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dreadlocker, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. I dont know about you all, but i love smoking out random people i encounter in the world. like, just kickin it, meet some1 down on there luck, having a bad day, or just being a good person, well, if the situation is good, ill always offer them a toke off my piece.

    i do warn them not to be offended when i burn the mouthpiece after (dont wanna get sick ya know)

    but its just such a good feeling to sit down with a complete stranger and blaze up, try to bring some positivity to there day.

    do u smoke up strangers?
  2. I dunno, maybe if I hit it off with them easily and as long as they aren't to bad.
  3. I love smoking with strangers, if not always smoking them up lol. Most of the time, I meet people in this teepee in some woods by me that already have their own weed. When I walk up they put their piece in their pocket, but then I bring mine out and good times commence haha
  4. It's okay, I always love to share the herbs mystical power but usually I feel gross after smoking with a stranger. Especially if they have a beard. Weird.
  5. whats wrong with a beard?? haha. i just shaved mine off 2 days ago, it was beastly.
  6. I smoke just with friends, and if it stranger then it need to be friend of my friend.
  7. [quote name='"Dreadlocker"']whats wrong with a beard?? haha. i just shaved mine off 2 days ago, it was beastly.[/quote]

    Hahah I don't know what it is man. I meant no offense to you or your recently slain, triumphant beard. :bongin:
  8. Definitely down to smoke with strangers. It's amazing how ganj can bring people together. Doesn't matter how different people are, if you share a love for ganja, then that's something we can connect on.

    Weed, music and sports bring people together haha
  9. I just smoked with someone I had known for a short while a long time ago, does that count? We never really talked before, we even had a fistfight once. But now that we have smoked together, we're cool. Drugs: bringing people together.
  10. I don't know. I have a non-smoker friend who introduced me to his smoker friends on tuesday and I smoked with them. They were so childish and just jerks who can't handle their high. God, this one dude was so high that I honestly started to sober myself up, and I wasn't even that high to begin with.

    But I can't really say smoking with strangers is bad. I met some pretty chill people that way.
  11. I've met a lot of interesting people after just bumping into them while smoking a joint or them asking to use my lighter. Good times man :smoke:
  12. Nope I wish something like that would happen to me though

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