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smoking with piercings?

Discussion in 'Tattoo, Piercings and Body Art' started by Brendank420, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. hey does anybody know whats its like to smoke with facial piercings...in specific like a metal one was curious if it would get hot after toking a while....just wondering if anyone could answer this:smoking:
  2. no it will relatively stay that same temp as your lips. I used to have one and getting faded no problem. ;D
  3. Nope they will stay the same temp. Only way mine ever changes is if I am eating something cold.
  4. Careful not to get it caught on any pieces bro, and it'll stay the same temp as your lips.
  5. I've had a bunch of facial piercings and have never had a problem with any of them. Have fun tokin' it up!
  6. When I had braces they would always get hot whenever I toked..my gauges get hot too.
  7. gauge in my ear and eyebrow, havent noticed any problems - my friend spit a shot of alcohol at me and it landed in my eyebrow where the piercing is after i just got it... that hurt

  8. How do your ears get hot when you smoke?
  9. not hot, but they get cold in winter...hurts more:(
    i have my lip done in the center...never got hot from smoking before :confused_2:
    tongue never did either...dunno why they would...not like you put the flame rite up to your mouth, let alone long enough for it to heat up enough to burn:rolleyes:
  10. Can you squeeze smoke out piercings in your lips?
  11. well because i had a kaychain metal pipe that would get hot just because of how hot the smoke was so i wasnt sure if that would happen...thanks though
  12. Yea, I have my ears pierced and it makes it difficult for me to smoke.
  13. what?
  14. hell nah man ive had snake bites for two years and been smokin for a year n a half never had a prob not once.
  15. I have 2 tongue piercings and smoke about a gram a day... once they heal you can pretty much do anything you want! I'm not sure if its the same case with lips etc.
  16. Should stay same temp, only thing I can see is if you keep you your lighter near for a long time, but shouldn't happen if your not a retard and can light up joints/cigs :p


  17. I could when I had my labret(center of lip) pierced. Then again mine was stretched to about a 12 gauge. I could also squirt water out of it:D
  18. I have snake bites and a septum ring, they don't get hot.
  19. i have a 0 gauge septum, and i can put a straw thru it and blow smoke out of it :p

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