Smoking with Pets?

Discussion in 'Pets' started by breakdanzer, Aug 1, 2011.

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    Hey blades. How many of you guys own pets and love to toke with them? I have a french bulldog named arnold who's my boy? I'm not talking about getting them high, just chilling with them. Anyways, name what kind of pet you guys own. :smoke:
  2. I'm curious about this too actually. I've got a Miniature-Australian Shepherd named Blue and a white/silver kitten named Hope.
  3. They'll get hopelessly addicted and end up fighting you if you don't give them more.

    But really, they enjoy it, its human catnip.
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    You stole my avatar -__-
  5. I think its funny that you have to blow the smoke in their ear to get high. :smoke:
  6. Im thinking about getting a boxer or pitbull soon and i cant wait too smoke with my pet :smoke:
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    I plan on getting one of those weiner dogs... it would be too funny to watch/play with it high
  8. It's frowned on around here to talk about this. You shouldn't blow smoke in your pet's face, that's forcing them to get high. They can't make the decision on their own.

  9. Haha i remember my friend was so high he was like "Yo, i gotza tell u my smmcret" me being high i immediatly put my ear to his mouth, and when i was a kid my mom use to tell me to cover my other to not let the secrets out so i did it for some reason, then he is like "if i blow in your ear you will get sooooo(deepvoice change) OOOOOOOOOOOOOO high" i was like go ahead i have my other ear closed" he takes a fat hit and blows in my ear, and i was like dude, im sooooooooooooooooooooo(Deepvoice) OOOOOOOOOO (tinyvoice)ooooooooooo highhm because....."
  10. You cant talk about getting animals high here. Id edit your post before a mod sees it.
  11. Actually, post above me, its against the rules to talk about getting animals high not just frowned upon.

  12. :hippie:
  13. My cat seems to like being around me when im blazing, I feel like he recognizes the smell
  14. I'm confused how they cant make the decision on their own. Every time I start toking my cat (Diesel) comes running over. If he didn't want to get high, wouldn't he not come over excitedly?
  15. This is the dumbest post I have ever read.
  16. Why is that? Its obvious he likes it, and if he didn't he wouldn't come running over.

    Oh btw I really wanted that user name lol :smoke:
  17. I love smoking with my puppy. I have an 11 month old Maltipoo and I feel like we bond in a special way when I'm smoking. He loves to sit on my lap and I love to just sit there and pet him for hours. I also love taking him on walks while I'm high.
  18. The key here is, NEVER EVER EVVVVEEEEERRRR force it. If the animal comes over while your toking and is investigating it, blow a tiny bit of smoke there way. If they like it, then its all cool. If they appear afraid or anything, stop right away. I know this because my rats hate weed smoke. So I have started putting a towel over their cage to protect them.

    But yeah, like I said: Never force it, let the animal decide.
  19. I worry about smoking with my dog.

    He has gotten 2nd hand baked chilling in my hot boxed room many times, but I don't let him anymore because I get worried with his aging doggy heart, the effects of increased heart rate may lead him to have a doggy heart attack and that would be awful and I would feel terrible cause my smoking killed my pet. :(

    I just make him go outside, and he usually sits down outside my door until I come out.
  20. Unlike humans, pets can and do overdose from weed. My wife who is a Veterinarian sees it all the time. Most of them do die from the overdose. I will only toke out in the garage far away from my pets. I love my pets too much to endanger them. I have two dogs and five cats.
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