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smoking with noobie tommorow

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AUD1OSlave, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. So my girlfriends friend wants to smoke for her first time...she hasn't smoked cigarettes, weed, or anything before. She barely even drinks :confused:

    any tips for me to make it an enjoyable experience for her? Will probably be smoking outside in the afternoon, and there is a football game but im not sure if we will go to it.

    thanks for the help lol :smoking:
  2. make sure that you have a bottle of water or some kind of drink to cure the cottonmouth.

  3. well that is a good idea for sure

    lol i hope she doesnt freak out or something, thats why im asking for tips
  4. umm have food...chill if its her first time she culd feel anxiety..ik i idk make sure u chill ina nice enviroment watchin a movie or somtin...dont get her to high coz then she might hate weed if she trips hard first time ya no
  5. Have her take small hits so she doesn't cough up a lung. Arizona iced tea is a good cure for cottonmouth.. have some munchies, haha.

  6. yeah maybe we will smoke a bowl then ill make sure she wants to keep smoking with us after that...

    prolly just using my chillum
  7. tell her shes not going to have a heart attack no matter what she says
    most people trip about heartbeat there first time if they flip out.
  8. As said before, Water, food, and a chilled out environment, just remind her that its fun and if she says she doesnt want to do it, dont make her or PP her. Everyones first time should be because they truly want to.
  9. give her some headphones and let her listen to some cool music

    definitely something to drink, cuz it'll cure the cottonmouth and taste real good when she's high

    then give her some sexy time

  10. lol well its my girlfriends friend...not sure if i can give her any sexy time

  11. This and start her off slow. I had a friend who took too many hits out of a vape for her first time and freaked out and doesn't wanna smoke again.

    good luck:D

  12. ya i haven't smoked with someone very new to marijuana in awhile, it will be like an experiment lol
  13. Well fuck if it aint your gf then just let her smoke and see what happens, its not like you have to 'care' about her. Just bring something to drink because she will cough like hell. She prpbably won't even get high man.

  14. Lol yeah a few people I have smoked with didn't get high for first time and some did...I got some dank so as long as she inhales she should have a good time.

  15. man play your cards right nd u can slam some Girlfriends Friend Vaj
  16. #16 CrimSon_King, Sep 18, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 18, 2009
    Shotgunning could be fun for both of you!

    Stay safe brotha'! :D

  17. lol maybe I'll have my gf shotgun it to her ;)
  18. I would NOT reccomend a football game. Football games in my opinion aren't that fun stoned anyways, and to someone stoned for the first time it could be incredibly overwheming experiance.

    Also to hit on what everyone else is saying, get something to drink, I believe Kenoki recommended Arizona iced tea, and I would as well, you can get a 24oz can at Walgreens for 99 cents; any kind of it tastes awesome and the cans are huge and cheap.
  19. Yeah just chill, drink, eat munchies, watch a movie... I remember the first time I smoked I was so high I couldn't even follow what was happening on the TV, it was awesome lol
  20. That's all I'll get when I'm out and about and smoking.. Arizona..


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