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Smoking with my parents gone

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Canadian Bud, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Alright, so my parents are going to be gone for a few hours and I am wondering if it would be safe to smoke some mj. I'm going to do it in a confined space right beside my room and was wondering how I can stop the smell from leaking to other parts of the house. Help me!
  2. go outside...
  3. smoke outside
  4. get a small fan and point it out the window, put it on high, and watch smoke from 5 feet away get sucked into the vortex and pushed out the window. and yeah you can blow directly into it too
  5. If you live in a dungeon or prison where your not allowed to go outside then at least find a window. Open it. Smoke beside it and blow your hits out it. Leave it open for 20ish minutes to air out and then close it. There shouldn't be any smell.
  6. Fuck that, go outside. Unless you have to smoke in the house, then either do this or turn the shower on hot and let the smoke mix with the steam.
  7. id much prefer using a bong indoors :hello:
  8. For real dude you need to smoke outside...
    Not only is smoking inside overrated but also dangerous.

    Just roll one up and go for a walk, pump that shit, then enjoy the scenery on the way back and NOW you go inside with no smell or smoke at all lol
  9. I smoke with my parents gone... I mean... home.
  10. I'm at my parents for the weekend, and I don't smoke inside the house because it's not my I would go outside or else where because its not worth pissing off your parents.
  11. Go for a walk, if you have a bong or something big wrap it in a hoodie and walk to a safe spot with it. Or if you want just blow the smoke out a window, leave all windows open around you and fans on, it won't smell if there gone for hours.
  12. blunt cruise time
  13. go in your backyard with the bong
  14. go in the garage if you have one, smoke inside, then open the door. that is what i do, and when i close the door i take the lid off of the garbage can and the smell of garbage overpowers everything.
  15. drive your car and smoke a j

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